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Curious how long it took for everyones name to appear on the board after they took the exam (and passed). Im in Ny btw... Read More

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    Two days for me in Texas - our BON updates every Tue and Thu.

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    I Live in CA, took my exam July 17th , got a good pop-up , recieved my PASS letter on Aug. 1st ,mailed my check the next day , my name appeared on the list Today so it took them about a month ...

    Good Luck !!
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    2 hours after I took the exam. This is not the norm, though. Most of my friends that took the exam around the same time I did, said it took 1-2 days for their license to show up.

    I'm still not sure why it was posted so fast, but I'm def. not complaining! I was a nervous wreck that day.
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    Im in FL and it took two business days for me. Tested on Wednesday and my name was there this morning :-)

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