How do I become an independent contractor as a LPN

  1. 0 Does anyone know how to become an independent contractor as a LPN? I am looking to do so because I have a family member which lives out of town from me that needs assistance in their home but is not eligible for home care yet. If I became an independent contractor could I go in and help her and get paid for it at the same time?
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    Well, I'm a INP (independent nurse provider) in Cali as an LVN, and what you need to do is contact medi-cal, apply to become a INP, once you get whats called a provider number you can then submit a TAR (treatment authorization Request) along with a POT (plan of treatment) to medical and then if approved There you go, the only thing is as an LVN you need to have an RN for case managment to do the initial visit and open the case and if you have those in place you're good.....I wish you success in all your endeavors!!!
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    How do you get an RN to open the case for you? Is there a list medi-cal has, or how do you go about getting an RN?
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    Well u can post an ad on craigslist(FOR FREE) or jobsites like (monster or careerbuilder) really easy and simple but cost , medi-cal puts out a list of providers you can contact,but in my case it was simple, I was fortunate enough to already have relationships with a couple of RN's that did case management for home health agencies already......hope that helps a bit
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    What state are you in. Rules are different according to your location.

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