Highly Upset!!! To say the least...

  1. I am highly upset. I just graduated from nursing school (LPN) In April and passed my boards 3 weeks later. My 1st real job interview was with Cleveland Clinic. They had several positions (about 10) for "New LPN Grads". I filled out an online app and they called me immediately for an interview. I interviewed with 8 charge nurses the first time and they loved me and immediately gave me a tour of the facility and called me back a week later for a 2nd interview with the Chief of one of the departments they wanted me to work in. After that interview I was called back the next week to meet the Physician of another department they thought I'd be a good fit for. A week later I received yet ANOTHER call back for a 4th interview with yet another Dr. I've done all the necessary: send thank you notes, followed up with call back, etc. I was told I'd get a call either way. Just now I checked the status on their website they hired someone else. I am ****** that they wasted my time with 4 interviews and 2 months of back and forth. How can someone keep calling you back so many times, each time saying how everyone loves you and you'd be a great fit in the company, then hire someone else? I am angry and appalled!!!

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  3. by   llg
    That happened to me once, several years ago, for a management position.

    I later learned that I had been the leading applicant for the position. They were all set to hire me. But then, at the last minute, someone more qualified than I was applied for the position. They had to "stall" me for a couple of weeks ... and then hired the other person. I knew the person who got the job -- and yes, she was more qualified than I was.

    Yes, it is a painful experience. But that doesn't mean the people doing the hiring hurt you on purpose. In my case, the hiring hospital did nothing really wrong. It wasn't their fault that a more qualified applicant showed up at the last minute. I just had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    As difficult for you as it might be ... I suggest you be very gracious about this. Write one more "thank you" note and be sure to end this job search on positive footing with this employer. They obviously liked you a lot to invest so much time in your application process. You may be the first person they call if another position opens up in the near future. Stay in touch and on good terms with them.
  4. by   nurseday357
    I clearly understand. After filling out an application as a New Grad. 1 month ago; the DON cancelled 2 of my interviews due to family emergencies. Once I finally sat before her she says, when your license are on line, call me back to set up another interview. At first, YES!!! I was on fire but it was nothing but the Lord showing me that I really didn't belong there anyway.
    Keep your head up. Your blessings are near. Right now all the negativity is being pushed out of the way...
    God Bless you Nurse....
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from LPNRead
    I am angry and appalled!!!
    How annoying of them! It would be prudent to shove your anger aside, take this experience with a grain of salt, and reapply when you are first eligible to do so. In the meantime, I would seek out other jobs that are willing to hire new nurses.

    Although the Cleveland Clinic jobs were advertised for new LPNs, it is very possible that an experienced LPN applied at the last minute and was selected over you because they felt (s)he was more cost-effective (experienced nurses consume far less time and money in training costs, hit the ground running faster, and some will accept the same pay rate as a new grad). Good luck to you!
  6. by   LPNRead
    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I know there is really nothing I can do as they probably just hired someone with a day more experience than myself. The price of a new nurse.... I was so excited, anxious, and ready to work. But I will try to take it as a positive lesson learned and move on, cause... well... I need a job so gotta keep looking
  7. by   nurseday357
    Keep God in it, he is awsome....
  8. by   LPNRead
    Thank You!