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Georgia License Denial-Clock Hours - page 2

So I moved to Georgia to get married but I had graduated in Ohio (Columbus State) with my LPN certificate. I sent in my application and after many months I was denied. The reason that the... Read More

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    I feel your pain, I'm going thru the same thing transferring my NY LPN to PA. Apparently my NY LPN course I took and graduated in 1994(!!!) aren't sufficient enough (1220hrs) to PA requirement of 1500 needed. I'm at such a loss having worked FT as an LPN and not thinking it would've been an issue, my husband took a job down there, we're selling our house and my kids are enrolled for school there and I can't be there bc we just can't do it without me being able to work. I'm still working thru the approval process so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I found a course through the GA boards approved it try it for PA too