Future LPN from BC moving to Ontario or Alberta

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    I'm on my fourth semester of my LPN program in BC and I am thinking of moving to either Alberta or Ontario (most likely Ontario). But I do not know what are the steps to move from BC to Ontario. As well, when I look at job positions in Toronto I don't find a lot...and I just was wondering if I could get some advice on how best to proceed or some job advice. Thank you!
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    Ask to have this thread moved to the Canadian Forum.

    From what posters have said the job market in Ontario is dismal. More nurses than postitions.

    Alberta isn't really much better. New grads are being hired in casual lines for the most part with no guarantee of hours.

    Your education will also be evaluated by either provincial college. Traditionally, BC grads are deficient in a couple of areas. AB usually requires an upgrade in parts of the anatomy education. Remember that you are being educated in one of the shortest courses in Canada, AB and ON have 2.5 years of course work to get a PN diploma.

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