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  1. Good morning all - I am new here but I did start browsing this site back when I was taking boards in Feb. I graduated from LPN school in December, passed boards in Feb. (in TN) and relocated to NC in March. Found out (because this is all new to me) that I needed to be endorsed in NC, so now I have been endorsed here, as of yesterday, 4 weeks.

    I moved back here after being gone for almost 6 years mostly because of all the hospitals/health care field options I thought there were. I have applied at home health (Bayada, PSA, etc.), employment agencies (Interium, etc.) hospitals (Wake Med does not hire LPN's; Rex occasionally hires no experience LPN's and Duke Raleigh does hire them), LOTS of nursing homes and doctors offices (although those are usually under the umbrella of the hospitals that I have applied to) - I have used the News and Observer job search engine, Indeed.com, career builder.com, etc. I have talked to people face to face, nurse recruiters at the hospitals and one job fair, heard back from tons - and all of them are telling me that I need 1 year of experience and to contact them after I have that. I have asked them as tactfully as I can how I get that one year experience and each one offers a different answer - if its a nursing home, I hear - hospitals - I have said I will work any shift, any time, any day, even PRN just to get my foot in the door - and they want someone with experience who can jump in and they dont have to train.

    I have asked about my resume and cover letter - I am told it looks good - I have gotten call backs - I have excellent references from my nursing instructors, the director of nursing and previous managers I have worked with. I am frustrated and disheartened. Is this happening to anyone else? I know maybe I should be more patient - but I am really wanting to get out there and have a job and be a nurse - I feel like my faith brought me to this point and now I am not able to find anything.

    Would it be a good idea to try to become a Nurses Aide? I have been told that I would just have to pay 105 dollars to take the test since I already have the LPN license. There are lots of jobs with that - but would it be worthwhile to do that so I can get my foot in the door somewhere? Or do they only hire experienced CNA's/Nurse's Aides too? Anytime I get the chance to talk to someone face to face I try to get as much information as possible from them in a tactful way because this is so new to me - I have never had this much difficulty finding a job and I have been in health care (Medical transcription/Administrative Assistant) for the majority of my career - Is it me? I am starting to think it is because I keep getting rejected - but my Nursing Director is fairly forth coming and she has even been shocked that I havent been able to find a job - She said "If I had someone coming to my facility face to face instead of having to dig thru all those applications I would make the time to talk to them and see it as an assertive/motivated individual". Any ideas? Thanks for your time! xoxo
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    When I graduated I went to the DHHS website for NC and printed out the listing of all the long term care facilities for the counties I wanted to work in. Started on the phone and see who was taking applications. The ones that were I went to and did an application in person. That really is how I got my first job. I don't think you can work below your license and be a CNA in NC if you are already a nurse. Plus no one will consider it as experience for nursing. The hospitals usually won't take on a new grad unless its for a float position in their clinics.
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    That is a great idea - I already have it bookmarked - What I had been doing is Googling by county Nursing homes and LTC facilities but DHHS definitely has a more comprehensive list. Thank you.
    I have gone face to face and been told either A. They only hire RN's or B. They want someone with experience and to come back in a year. I have even been going to the ones that have PRN positions. I have not been doing phone calls because everywhere (almost) that I have applied has said to submit online or in person otherwise they get flooded with phone calls. Not sure how to handle that - it sure would save me on gas if I could call though.

    I dont know about working below my license either for NC - I was going to call NCBON tomorrow - since I dont have any LPN experience yet I didnt know if that would be an exception. I was more doing it to get my foot in the door somewhere and have some income coming in while staying in the health care field than getting it for experience. I am completely clueless as to what to do about that.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond - it is greatly appreciated.
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    Can you move? A lot of nursing homes in my county (Alamance) hire LPNs without experience.
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    Absolutely - that is only a little over an hour away from me anyway - If I had a guaranteed job there I would definitely move. Who do you recommend applying to? Just the Burlington area or Burlington and Greensboro? Thanks for the tip! Thats not even too far for me to drive for an interview - I would totally do that -
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    Have u tried medical facilities of America (MFA). Lifeworksrehab.com
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    I just looked at their site - thank you for the recommendation - they have several charge nurse LPN positions open in the Alamance/Greensboro area - I will definitely keep it in my favorites bar and look into it - much appreciated! I sure hope they hire new grads! I know my friend that recently graduated from the same program I did started out as a charge nurse in a LTC facility so it sounds hopeful. Thanks again for taking the time to respond - I definitely don't turn away resources.
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    Quote from lifeisgood2012
    Absolutely - that is only a little over an hour away from me anyway - If I had a guaranteed job there I would definitely move. Who do you recommend applying to? Just the Burlington area or Burlington and Greensboro? Thanks for the tip! Thats not even too far for me to drive for an interview - I would totally do that -
    I'd send you a PM but you won't receive it since you don't have 15 postings yet. I'd also recommend the High Point area. When I was first applying, several facilities called me within 1-2 months. I was already working by that time though. My facility routinely hires new grad RNs and LPNs (though they are not currently hiring as they just hired 3 new nurses).
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    @ lifeisgood2012 have you found anything yet? i am also relocating to theNC area from texas where they hire LVNs on the spot so i know your frustration as in NC it really helps to know someone to get a leg up on what facilities are hiring and willing to give a nurse a shot.