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so i passed my boards on april 12,2011, and i got my lpn license in dc...however it's mid june and i still have no job offers. i currently work as a er tech at a small dc hospital, and when i was hired (back in nov 2010) i was... Read More

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    I used to live in the Tampa Bay area, I left in March for good.

    The job market in FL is tight and there are many "magnet" hospitals that won't hire LPNs. Its also difficult finding new grad LPN and RN jobs, at least in the Tampa Bay area.

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    Quote from spete39
    so i passed my boards on april 12,2011, and i got my lpn license in dc...however it's mid june and i still have no job offers. i currently work as a er tech at a small dc hospital, and when i was hired (back in nov 2010) i was told that i would be hired as an lpn for my unit....well as soon as i received my license my hospital changed their tune and refused to hire me as an lpn because they're "phasing lpn's out in the er" because they want to have "magnet status" even though there are still 3 lpn currently working on my unit and neither one of them have yet to get a move on to obtaining their rn degree...even though they know that i already have a bs degree and a lpn license and i started my application process with excelsior, and that i want to get my rn done asap so i can continue to a crna degree...i'm so frustrated, because i need my lpn experience and i realized that i hate my job because i feel like i'm under a glass ceiling since i'm only 'ass'isting the nurses rather than working on the same level...i tried to contact the head nursing administrators but no one will respond to my calls or emails...ugh...i'm to the point where i feel sick to my stomach with my job...i feel like my days are numbered.

    anyways, i've come up with a plan to relocate to florida. i just applied for endorsement, and i'm playing the waiting game now...i know there are some who say that the lpn job market sucks in fl, but i think i have a much better opportunity in fl than here in dc...i mean dc only has about 8 hospitals and fl has more than 100 (i think...lol)...hopefully my lack of lpn experience won't hinder me and that my recent er experience will help me.
    the funny thing is that i have a feeling that when i come back to visit dc, my hospital will still have those same lpn's working there, and i will already have my rn degree...talk about "magnet status"...yeah right...lol
    hello! i am familiar with the dc area and it's rough in general for nurses here. of course adns arent getting jobs either. did you try the va in dc? when i was a lpn i worked for the va hospital (in hampton va) for 3yrs and loved it, only left due to a military move to md. the dmv area is saturated with nurses and the competition for jobs - crazy!! have you thought about relocating to the southern part of va? the job market there was much better for nurses and the hospitals havent really started to go magnet yet. i know riverside is in the process. just keep trying, you may have to travel out a little. good luck to you!!!
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    I'm in TX and I we call LPN's (LVN's). I recently went to a seminar and they said Texas spends more money on LVN school programs than any other state. so my assumption is that you can find a job here, especially in the medical center in Houston. As far as the magnet status, from what I've been told. Many hospitals are misinterpreting the rule in there that talks about RN's. You can still have LVN's and RN's (associate level) but the hospital has to have a certain percentage of BSN's in management positions. Anyways, I live in Houston, and there are plenty of LVN jobs here
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    Yeah...I guess it is a little soon for me to be worried about no job offers, but I am ready to get out of the DC/MD/VA area...I don't mind working for LTC, and I've already started looking for jobs in Florida, and I'm going to make a list of every facility that I think I can work for and take it from there...and Yes I'm gonna have some interviews lined up before I actually move....THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!!!!!!!!!

    And about that "REAL NURSE" comment...that's hilarious, because I guess me being a "FAKE NURSE" I shouldn't have to tell one of the "REAL NURSES" at my job that a patient should use their cane on the AFFECTED SIDE, because I'm not a "REAL NURSE".....I swear I'm so tired of the unnecessary egos...it's just like the PA vs. MD mess....get over yourself
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    Quote from BuffMurse
    go back to school and become a real RN

    So...when I go to read your profile, it says that you're still a "student." Not making any personal observations here, but ummmmm finish school and join the real world. Work for a year or ten, and then make your comments. I will say this much...if your entire outlook in nursing is geared towards the way your comment read, then please do us allll a favor and go work in the factories, dude. We don't need any more BuffMurses around.

    to the OP-Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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    Im not being funny but unless u have ATLEAST one year of FULL TIME employment FLORIDA IS NOT THE PLACE TO RELOCATE TO.....I'M SPEAKING FROM current personal experience....Good luck though.....its tough for everyone.
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    Hi Jayson S I know I am a bit late with my post. I love Florida but cannot find any work as a new LPN. Can you tell me what hospitals I can look into up there in Tx. I may have to look at relocation. I would love to be have gone back to school for RN before resorting to this. But for now, I should at least research this. I would love to work in a hospital and it is great if they are hiring LPNs (LVNs) in your area. Thanks for sharing!

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