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so i passed my boards on april 12,2011, and i got my lpn license in dc...however it's mid june and i still have no job offers. i currently work as a er tech at a small dc hospital, and when i was... Read More

  1. by   spete39
    Yeah...I guess it is a little soon for me to be worried about no job offers, but I am ready to get out of the DC/MD/VA area...I don't mind working for LTC, and I've already started looking for jobs in Florida, and I'm going to make a list of every facility that I think I can work for and take it from there...and Yes I'm gonna have some interviews lined up before I actually move....THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!!!!!!!!!

    And about that "REAL NURSE" comment...that's hilarious, because I guess me being a "FAKE NURSE" I shouldn't have to tell one of the "REAL NURSES" at my job that a patient should use their cane on the AFFECTED SIDE, because I'm not a "REAL NURSE".....I swear I'm so tired of the unnecessary egos...it's just like the PA vs. MD mess....get over yourself
  2. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    Quote from BuffMurse
    go back to school and become a real RN

    So...when I go to read your profile, it says that you're still a "student." Not making any personal observations here, but ummmmm finish school and join the real world. Work for a year or ten, and then make your comments. I will say this much...if your entire outlook in nursing is geared towards the way your comment read, then please do us allll a favor and go work in the factories, dude. We don't need any more BuffMurses around.

    to the OP-Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  3. by   FirstLadyNurse
    Im not being funny but unless u have ATLEAST one year of FULL TIME employment FLORIDA IS NOT THE PLACE TO RELOCATE TO.....I'M SPEAKING FROM current personal experience....Good luck though.....its tough for everyone.
  4. by   NEWLpnNeedAjobinFL
    Hi Jayson S I know I am a bit late with my post. I love Florida but cannot find any work as a new LPN. Can you tell me what hospitals I can look into up there in Tx. I may have to look at relocation. I would love to be have gone back to school for RN before resorting to this. But for now, I should at least research this. I would love to work in a hospital and it is great if they are hiring LPNs (LVNs) in your area. Thanks for sharing!