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    goodmorning all,
    I will graduate in Dec 2o11 with an AS degree as a LPN (only school in Indiana to give an AS for LPN in 15mos.) I want to go into corrections. The problem that I have is finding a list of contracting agencies that work in correctional facilities, or Travel Nurse Agencies that work in corrections. I have googled, but can't find a list. Would anyone happen to have a list or know where I can search for a list? My plans are to relocate to San Antonio, Tx. I want to weigh my options to see who offers pay/benefits. Being that I will be a fresh graduate, newbie, fresh fish, shark bait; I don't want to be desperate for the first positon that comes up if I don't have to be. I know that new beggars can't be choosy, but if I can be.......just say'n :redpinkhe
    Any leads will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, I know that supplemental health does LPN corrections. Also Maxim government. Hope this helps=) Sherry
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    thankyou very much for the information
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    Your welcome. Hope that it works out for you. I know that Maxim called me back this past Friday and I've already got all the paperwork done for them. Hopefully I'll be in the warm weather soon=) Sherry
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    goodluck with Maxim. I just googled Maxim. It appears they have a lawsuit against them. They have to pay back 150+ million dollars. Hope they don't bail out on you after working.
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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I worked for the local Maxim when I first graduated from nursing school. Never had a problem. Found a permanent job in a hospital but now I feel the need to travel around for awhile. Good luck to you in your nursing career Sherry
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    Medical Staffing Network is a national agency; they do corrections in my area but I don't know if that's universal. Also not sure if they hire new grads.