Bachelors in Accounting to LPN

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new here and looking for information/guidance/advice. I'm 28 and graduated with a bachelors in accounting in 2010. I graduated late after having my child.

    well, since graduation I have not been able to get any job or experience in accouting. I am currently working in a call center making 34k a year, which I feel is pathetic and I am totally underpaid. I need a career change and not sure what I want to do. My schedule is so tight with a small child that going back to school almost seems impossible.

    I am thinking of maybe doing an LPN program, since its usually about a year long. I want to do that but I think it is impossible due to my schedule. They do have night lpn programs ,but they are 2 yrs , and I think it might not be worth it.

    I am in MA and I have friends that completed an LPN program and currently get 50-55k a year. That is more than I will ever make. Being that I am 28 with no experience in accounting or anyhing for that matter.

    My other option is to maybe do a bsn program. I would complete the prereq's now until end of fall and apply to a bsn or accelerated bsn program.

    I always wanted to be a nurse and feel its too late but want to do it!
    life is hard right now as a single parent and need to be able to provide for my child better.

    which path do you think would be good to get in to nursing?
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  4. by   Esme12
    I live in MA myself....where do your friends work that they make $55,000.00 a year? The market in MA is very tight and many new grads cannot find work. The average time looking for a position is about 15 months and most facilities are requiring new grads have a BSN. The LPN"s that are making $25.00/hr are far and few between.

    There is no nursing around here is tough

    You already have a bachelor....go for the accelerated BSN
  5. by   KayNP
    Thank you , Esme. My friends work for the state so that can be why they are making that much. Vinfen also start at around 23-25.

    Now that I think about it, I am not sure how I can afford another Bachelors. I only have about 10k left in finaid funds at the undergraduate level.

    I did consider an entry level MSN because I will have finaid available but I was told the first year would be at the undergraduate level.

    hmm. I don't know what I can do !