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Hey everyone! I've been having no luck on the Texas board.. So maybe I get somewhere here. Any SA LVN's around? I have a couple of questions to ask you!! Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    Ugh, depressing. Well hopefully I get into the lvn-rn program in October. Thank you all for the input. I wish I could say I had years of experience as a nurse, I just took my NCLEX this Feb. 6 months won't get me anything. I know nursing isnt the best paying job in the world but i am thinking i am in for a huge pay cut. Once again thanks for the input!!

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    Please keep Cost of Living in mind to maintain some perspective. Alaska & Texas are very different. SA has a very low overall COL. Just did a quick comparison on the CNN site Cost of Living Calculator: Compare the Cost of Living in Two Cities - CNNMoney. $50k in Alaska = $35,643 in San Antonio.
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    That's a pretty cool site HouTex! Thank you for that link!
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    But keep looking. The lvn market here is not that bad. Do u have any experience? There are many openings they want some experience. If none, there are still some who would hire and train you.
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    When I get there I'll only have 6 months experience. Idk if that would help me out any. I filled out an app last night for Kindred... Hopefully I'll find something. I forgot to give you my email on that last post you commented on. I'll pm you it. Thanks for being so very helpful everyone!
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    6 months is so-so. But better than nothing. I started with no experience at all. At least you have some.
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    Quote from leeroijaewon
    Yes I am in SA. Its quite difficult getting a job here. I got a first job offer after 6 months of searching. Then I quit there after 2 months. Then got another job at long term care after 1 month. Mine is ok but I heard many are worst. Even 1 year of wait to some. Try home health I can email you some leads if you want.
    Could you send me those links as well or post them please? I am a new/old LVN, graduated 2011 but moved to another state difficult to find nursing job, I moved back here in 2012 and I worked at a LTC facility like month and half and very discouraged....I think I would actually really like a doc office or home health.
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    Why are u discouraged from LTC? I am too sometimes. Lots of responsibilities. I want to switch to Night shift I heard its less stressful.
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    I applied for Epic Peds HH and received a call back already. The pay for them is 17-22 an hr depending on the case. I applied for a dr's office and they offered me 14/hr. I have never made less than 16 even in retail right out of high school. I got a call today from the recruiter at baptist. I am sure the pay their isn't great, but its the hospital experience that I want. I was a medical assistant for about 6 yrs and I am over that setting.

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