Almost Done...Long time coming :)

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    I just thought I make a quick something of the longest year and 3 months of my life. I have been challenged beyond belief. Any thing that could go wrong went wrong. I have sacrificed seeing my kids and being home with them to persue this career. I went to J. Sarg first failed out b/c I didnt realize what was a priority. This second time around I know what the priority was, the BIGGER picture. The BIGGER picture being a life long career, knowing that I can take care of my two little ones by myself and them having someone to look up to when they choose their careers. I have truly felt like this has made me strong. When I look back at mytrials and tribulations I cant believ I made it through and for that I am grateful. Please who ever should read this dont give up but also make sure the first time you give it all you got and have a plan B to your plan B . I attend Centura college and although its expesive I would recommend it. I have 5 classes to go and I can finally see this light at the tunnel that people speak of and when I think about it man I smile. Because in 16 weeks I WILL be a nurse and thats one goal accomplished.
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    Good for you!!!
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    I understand totally. Im in my last 2 months and im exhausted and ready for this to be over. Now im starting to fret about NCLEX. I will be happy when it's all done so me and my son can take a well needed vacation.

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