Accepted one job, but received another offer...

  1. I understand that I've got a unique situation as I've spoken with many of newly graduated fellow classmates and they have not had the luck as I have, but I'm looking for fellow nurse advice...
    I got my LPN license the end of January and immediately started applying for jobs all over our area including clinics, LTC, TCU. Anywhere that was looking for a LPN. I received 5 different requests for interviews, did 4 of them and have received 3 job offers. One I turned down nearly immediately as once I interviewed at the facility I knew it was not what I wanted. The next I received 2 days after the interview and it's at a LTC facility. It's ~20 hrs a week, evenings/nights (3-11:30pm), every other weekend. I thought long and hard about it as I have 2 school aged children and a husband that occasionally travels for work... I weighed the pros and cons...the need for daycare, my desire to pursue a RN education. I accepted the offer as the other 2 interviews I had that same week were checking references and one place wanted 7+ and I didn't have that many so I figured I was out. The other interview seemed to not to go the best as I'm a new grad with no experience in the healthcare field and they made it clear they wanted someone with experience. (still don't understand why they called me for an interview then)
    Fast forward to today. I get a call from the place that wanted the 7+ references. They've only been able to verify 2 (they use an online system and I was able to see who responded and who didn't). Anyhow, they offered me a full time position. The pay is not as good, but that's not a deciding factor for me, other than I don't get low-balled.

    So my issue falls here... if I decide that I would like to take the clinic job that's M-F 8-5 and no weekends, how do I tell the other place? I went in yesterday and talked with them, signed the job offer, did the physical screening, got my mantoux, and set up the days that I'm supposed to start training. I know I CAN call them and tell them that I rescind, but I don't want to burn the bridge as they're a bigger company and just don't want to alienate them as a potential employer.
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  3. by   bugya90
    I had the exact same situation when i moved cities, i had 6 months ltc experience and was hired on the spit at a ltc here but had a clinic interview the next day and got that offer 3 days later. I accpeted the clinic since it had better hours management etc. i told.the ltc that i had accepted a clinic job because.of the hours. They were understanding but that bridge will be burnt pretty much no matter what you say or do.
  4. by   Stranded55
    Pick the one that offers the best long term benefits. The same thing happened to me when I first started out.