3 to 5 days training enough in ltc? - page 2

Hey all, Well...today is my first day in ltc and I was told I'd get 3 to 5 days training w/ another nurse. Thoughts? I feel this is not enough. How many days of training did some of you get? I am anxious and nervous to begin... Read More

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    I had 3 days and your learning NEVER ends. 3-5 days is enough to get you oriented with the cart and the beginnings of the process. They is always someone around to ask questions to. I have been employed on my first LPN job for almost a month and still have at least 1 question a night. OH and I had 4 nights training.

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    I was just hired at a long term facility and will get 3 weeks on first and 1 week on second.
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    I had 3 days, a day off then a weekend on my own. After that I recieved one day training per different shifts. (Originally in LTC I was trained on evenings - I picked up nights/days training within a couple months).
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