What test is replacing the TEAS at Charity?

  1. 0 Does anyone know what test will be replacing the TEAS at Charity? There's no info on their site yet, but I want to start studying. Fingers crossed that it's the HESI!
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    I read on another post that it is supposed to be the HESI but I am not for sure. Is that supposed to be easier?
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    The HESI A2 for LSU, in my opinion, was wayyyy easier than the TEAS 4.0 for Charity. The HESI for LSU had more components to it though. Maybe it just seemed easier to me lol. I thought the TEAS was pretty tough; made an 85 on it and a 90 on the Hesi.
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    It is much easier that the TEAS. I took the HESI at BRCC last spring and I got a 93. I studied the study guide, but most of the information was very basic. I had not been enrolled in school for 4 years when I took it.
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    Charity is switching to the HESI, but I don't know when.
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    I think it's for the upcoming application cycle. The last TEAS dates on the schedule are at the beginning of March. I'm sure I'll be taking it b/c I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll be accepted for spring 2012.

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