UL or LSUE? please help!

  1. Okay, so I'm a senior looking to apply for early admissions to eithe UL or LSUE, the only problem is that i have no idea which one. Could yall please help me by giving me information on the two, your opinions and what not. I want to know from people actually in nursing programs and what not rather then just family. I would greatly appreciate it, even if its just a little information like how hard it is being accepted or what not.
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  3. by   ADNOLOL08
    It's been a few years, but I attended LSUE. I had to make the choice between LSUE and UL and selected LSUE right away based on the opinions of others. It's a smaller campus and the administrative staff are very helpful. The teachers were great, especially the nursing professors. I finished my degree in 3 years, taking one class during one summer (microbiology). I took one year of pre-requisites and two years of the nursing program. The program is, of course, competitive. When I was accepted, the lowest GPA selected to the program was 3.44. We had med-surg clinicals every semester, along with OB, psych, home health clinicals, and a community health project. We also had a few days in the OR, ER, ICU.

    I'm assuming you aren't concerned about securing an ASN vs BSN?

    If you have any specific questions, you can send me a PM or post here. =)
  4. by   mysticalmoonray
    I'm currently attending LSUE for the nursing program. I just have statistics left to take for the pre-reqs. The staff is usually very helpful in anyway they can be, my advisor is great for helping make decisions for the college career, if she doesn't know the answer I'm directed to someone who can.