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Hello out there, I turned in my application to Charity's LPN program a few days ago, my question is, now what? Besides waiting by the phone/mailbox is there anything I can be doing in preperation... Read More

  1. by   Nursingnola
    I had a 90 as well!
  2. by   Nursingnola
    Quote from jae_f
    Me too! I'm so excited! Ive had the email since lunch! Was expecting a call. lol.
    Right? BUT all that matters is that we got in!
  3. by   jae_f
    Quote from Nursingnola
    Right? BUT all that matters is that we got in!
    Same score! And I know, I'm just grateful the waiting is over and we can move forward. Now the real fun begins.
  4. by   LpnTink
    So relieved the wait is over!!
  5. by   bluewater2013
    I'm in 2!!!! yahhhh!!!!
  6. by   jae_f
    Quote from bluewater2013
    I'm in 2!!!! yahhhh!!!!
    Congrats!! Does anyone know what will happen at the meeting? And should I be looking into CPR class?
  7. by   Frustrated98
    I was told they would call or send letters. I wanted to ask if you are referring to your Delgado email? I am bummed because I have not received any emails.
  8. by   libit191
    They are going to either email you or send a letter. I spoke with someone in admissions today and she said they are still sending emails/letters out. She told me that everyone would know by the end of the month. The email address that you provided on your application is the one they may send it to. I'm still waiting too!
  9. by   bluewater2013
    congrats to everyone who got in!!
  10. by   LpnTink
    I think the ones who got in already received the email because there is a MANDATORY meeting next week that everyone had to respond to ASAP. Letters may only be for the ones who did not get in.
    Check the email address you put on the application, try the junk/spam mail.
  11. by   UpcomingNurse2015
    Hello everyone. I'm applying for the fall 2014. I took nutrition at Nunez this semester not sure if charity will accept it. Anyone know the odds of getting accepted without DMTP 101 before first nursing courses?