Student to Student CSN

  1. Hey. was wondering how the student to student went today? Anybody get any great info? Did anyone ask about using the overhead walkway from the parking lots to the school,,,I haven't figured out where you end up if you use them....Tell me what all ya'll learned today..
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  3. by   jemommyRN
    I didn't attend student to student because I'm not in basics but I can tell you that I take the walkway almost everytime. If you are walking towards the parking lots, you take the first set of stairs and end at the parking lots. If you are walking towards the school, you end at the school. If you take it once, you probably will always take it.
  4. by   jtoddj28
    I was at student to student. there wasn't really any great info that wasn't provided during orientation. just the we are family, work together, study, stay organized and focused etc.

    i didn't use the cat walk thing because i wasn't sure which parking lot it goes to or where it connects to the school. so i just left it alone for now. is it a pay by the hour lot? i know if you are on the perdido side of the school and are walking on the street u can walk into the garage and go through a door where there are basement level elevators. that was a little easier than waiting in the lobby.
  5. by   mimimartina
    I checked out the overhead walkway, and it is really neat. I've been parking by St. Joseph's Church on Tulane , and you can enter the walkway right across the street from it. The walkway takes you straight into the 3rd floor vending machine area,,you just slide you ID to open the door,,,beats walking across all that traffic, and keeps you out of the rain.
  6. by   jtoddj28
    thanks for the info. how much is the parking at st joseph's? that $1 lot that campus police mentioned sounds tempting because parking fees add up quickly. i don't mind the walk when weather is okay. i spent like $16 in 3 days, friday i just parked on the street and fed the meter.
  7. by   mimimartina
    St. Joseph's parking is $3.