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  1. Hello,

    Can I get a job anywhere as a new graduate without experience AND WITHOUT MY AUNT SUSIE OR SOMEBODY WORKING AT THE FACILITY?
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  3. by   Wanderlust, RN
    I feel your pain, Jobless. I graduated in Dec & passed the NCLEX Friday, but I have gotten 2 callbacks from the MANY applications & resumes I have sent out... Maybe you will have better luck than me.

    Do you know anything about "Protege RN" positions?
  4. by   Metry_RN
    The Protege RN position, is basically working under an RN but there are things you can't do, such as administering meds, hanging blood, hanging IVs (you can start them though), drawing blood, sterile dressing changes, and a few other things. Other than that, it's JUST like an RN, but without the pay. It's like an on-the-job interview to get a chance at an RN position.
  5. by   Wanderlust, RN
    Thanks Metry. I've seen a couple of these listed & wondered if they were similiar to nurse extern positions or more geared toward graduate nurses. You've helped answer my questions. :-)
  6. by   readytowork2010
    OK clarification on the protege RN spot supposedly this position is being created because some hospitals are aware of new graduate RN unable to be placed in new graduate positions. So this is a RN position that is restricted to various nursing duties and you are considered ancillary staff with a base pay of $12 with shift diffs available (this is being quoted from a recruiter from a certain hospital in the nola area). If regular RN positions become available you still have to interview like a regular applicant, but you get to apply for the job first basically. I think this is a way for hospitals to use RNs at a cheaper rate because you have to have a full license not temp/permit.
  7. by   Wanderlust, RN
    And just think... a few years ago, hospitals were paying off student loans, sending RN's back to school, etc to get us to come work for them... We totally got the shaft. "Nursing shortage" my foot!

    I have had such a hard time getting an interview, I don't know if it would be better to swallow my pride & accept a degrading job like the "progege RN" job or just keep looking (possibly elsewhere). I sure hate to accept $10-12/hr. That would actually cost me after I paid my sitter & bought gas. On the other hand, I can't sit in the house forever, letting my knowledge go down the tubes...
  8. by   linnywho
    University Hospital in New Orleans is hiring new grad RNs. You have to apply through the civil service site. The trick is to read the RN3 description. There are about 5 or 6 of those positions listed. Each says the position can be filled with an RN1 (new grad), RN2 (one year of experience +) or RN3, depending on qualifications and the unit manager.

    I applied thinking I was applying for an RN3 position and then accepted the position and it was RN2. The only issue with it being the state, is that it could take you a month to actually get on from the time you apply and that is if everything went perfectly. I used to work in the adult isolation floor. Great Unit Manager but typically hard med surg work. Do try if you really want a job. But also be aware we didn't get raises last year or this year thanks to the budget deficit.
  9. by   Wanderlust, RN
    Thanks linnywho. Its always good to know that there are hospitals out there still willing to hire new grads. I will definately check that out.
  10. by   BKCinNOLA
    Linnywho, do you know how the interview process works for LSU Interim? I've applied via the civil service site and the status of my application says 'eligible for interview' but I never hear from anyone in HR and no one will answer/return my calls.. Is there a way to get in touch directly with the nurse managers?

    Thanks in advance!
  11. by   linnywho
    Unfortunately the time line to get hired varies greatly. I am not sure what unit you applied to but here are some things I figured out along the road. Some units will not hire you without experience in that area. (eg. operating room) Moreover, they do not contact you to let you know your not qualified. I was working in one unit and applied to the OR, it finally took me calling the unit to find out they were only looking to hire experienced nurses, because they don't want to train anyone. I know at least one friend who either applied and never heard back or interviewed and never heard back from ER. I am not sure what is up with them. If you apply to med/surg or adult isolation and there is an opening it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to get a call back. If you want to PM me I can send you a contact for HR that I have. I also have been known to call HR for a few days straight or go down there in person to get an answer.

    The way it seems to work is this though. You apply and HR screens your app to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications, as imposed by the hospital. Once they verify you meet those qualifications your app is forwarded to the unit manager on the unit you applied to. The unit manager will then review it with their own criteria, such as OR requiring experience. The unit manager will then send a message to HR telling them to setup an interview. You will be called in to interview with the unit manager. After the interview the unit manager then has to contact HR and tell them they want to offer you a job. HR then sets the pay rate based on your experience and contacts you with the offer.

    I can tell you that I interviewed for my current unit while working on another. I knew I had this new position and it still took about 2 weeks for the official offer to come back after the interview. But do realize when dealing with HR it is usually not their fault it is taking so long. Treat them with respect when you do get in touch with them and be very thankful even when you get an answer you don't like.
  12. by   newgrad123
    Being new to the Ft. Polk / Leesville / Alexandria area, I have no connections or ties! If anyone has any advice or knows of any hospitals in this area looking for new RN grads, I would be so happy!!!!
  13. by   smclean
    Colorado is in much the same situation. No jobs for new grads and few jobs for experienced nurses. The nursing shortage is obviously not here at this time. Have you considered joining the military?
  14. by   gcupid
    RN protege devalues the nursing profession. not accept that position. Do something else in the mean time.

    RN protege should be a position that is allowed while you are in your senior year of nursing school.