Should I do LSU's pre-nursing program?

  1. As a senior in high school, the time has come to look into colleges and future careers. I have decided to pursue the highly rewarding field that is nursing. Ultimately, I want to be a CRNA. That is incredibly far down the road for me right now, but it's never too early to plan!

    I have really been considering going to LSU for their pre-nursing program that would introduce me to the LSU SON. I've heard the program is incredibly hard but great to prepare you for whatever you're going into.

    If I go with it then I would spend a year at LSU in baton rouge finishing prereqs and then transferring to LSUHSC in New Orleans for my bsn. I could just get my bsn at any other college and later apply to LSUHSC to be a CRNA after I get ICU experience. I'm wondering if LSU pre nursing program is the way to go and if anyone here has done/ is in it right now. The only reason why I'm hesitant at doing this is because I don't really like the idea of going to school for only one year and having to go to another school and start over the next year in a different city.

    So can someone tell me if this program is worth it or not? I would really appreciate it!
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  3. by   Jayjormom
    First off kudos to you for getting prepared for your future. If I would've been half as smart as you when I was 17 I probably wouldn't be in school 15 years later. So great job and stay focused. Work hard now to reap the benefits later. About your question. I'm not at lsuhsc but i know alot of nurses that have graduated from lsuhsc rn-bsn and traditional bsn programs. All have very very high remarks about the program. I personally believe that having a degree from lsuhsc is a wonderful idea. The school is highly respected for the curriculum and the nurses that it produces. Look into it. I wish you the best of luck In your future. You keep focused and I'm sure you'll make a great nurse some day
  4. by   highwaytoheather
    I'm in the LSU pre-nursing program, and I would definitely recommend it. First of all, the year (or 2) that you spend at LSU in Baton Rouge is an incredible experience that you will cherish forever. Also, it gives you a little time to be a "college student" before the stress of nursing school begins. Finally, LSU offers great opportunities for pre-nursing students, and applicants coming from LSU have priority over other applicants to the LSUHSC School of Nursing.
  5. by   trfuturenurse
    Hi! First of all, thank you for sharing what your experience was like in this program! I am definitely leaning toward this now! I was wondering if I could ask you more specific questions about LSU and LSUHSC in general and what you went through - if you wouldn't mind, of course.
  6. by   highwaytoheather
    Of course! If you'd like, you can email me at