Physical Assessment or Medical Examination

  1. Will some of you nurses out there that already work in a doctor's clinic or hospital be so kindly as to tell me how much your clinic/hospital is charging for a physical assessment or medical examination? It's for nursing school and I'm required to get it before I start clinicals in January. I went to North Oaks Walk-in Clinic in Walker, Louisiana and they told me it was $216. I do not have insurance so I'm trying to find a clinic/hospital that will charge me a better price since I'm paying out of pocket. I wonder if my gynecologist will be able to do it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Unfortuanately, it's already the weekend. I will try to make calls on Monday.

    Oh yeah, the type of physical I need.......includes vital signs, vision, general, skin, HEENT, heart, lungs, breasts, abdomen, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, spine, neurological, and mental health.
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  3. by   usernameistaken
    Nevermind, I found a clinic that will charge only $68 for all of the above.
  4. by   heartNICU
    Do you mind me asking which clinic this is? I will be getting my physical assessment done for free at my school's student health clinic, but I am curious to know since I've heard about the price being anywhere between $100-$200.
  5. by   usernameistaken
    The physical I mentioned above for $68 is at North Oaks Occupational Health in Hammond. Someone in my CPR class found a place in Baton Rouge called Total Occupational Medicine that is doing the physical for only $30 (student discount since we are required to have it for nursing school)...this is where I'm going to get my physical done. It's a walk-in clinic so no appointment is necessary from what the lady told me on the phone. We were suppose to have our physicals and Hepatitis B vaccination done for free too by Tulane, but Our Lady of the Lake emailed all of us and said that Tulane wasn't going to do the physicals and that we would have to get our own physical through our own physican. I'm getting the Hepatitis B vaccine at Southeastern's health clinic for $40 for the initial shot since I'm too old to get it at the local health unit.
  6. by   gams77
    Thanks for the information. I had been worried since I have no insurance. I called the Occupational place in Baton Rouge and the prices were as follows:

    Exam : 50.00
    CBC: 25.00
    Rubella titer: 100.00
    TB test: 20.00

    I asked about the HepB series and they charge 110.00 per shot, so I will also be going to Southeastern next week for that to at least get it started.

    The Baton Rouge General MidCity Clinic had lower rates than the place above, by about 50.00. Either one is fine with me since I would be paying alot more anywhere else.