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  1. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has applied to the accelerated nursing program at EJGH. Application deadline was March 15, and I am already anxious to receive a letter!! I know its going to be awhile, but was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes before getting a decision letter or interview letter... anything!
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  3. by   noladancer
    I applied too and haven't received a letter yet but one of my classmates (in a pre-req class I'm taking) did, just the other day. The letter told her they had everything and that she'd met all the pre-requisites. From what I understand, then it will be June/July before we hear from them again, this time to request an interview (or not).
  4. by   kitti419
    I applied in Aug 08 & began taking my prerequisites. I have one more class for the Summer 09. I emailed XXX and she said she had everything she needed from me & notated my courses in progress. The wait is tough. They should give you an idea of where you stand in my opinion because this sort of program takes some planning. Personally, I have 2 children and don't want to be scrambling to make arrangements for them at the last minute. Also, OLOL doesn't require A&P 2 or Micro labs & the Chem & Micro prereqs are a little different than, say, Charity, so now I am starting to feel the anxiety of if I *don't* get in, what to do then? Has anyone else who applied for this program applied at any other schools? The accelerated part is attractive to me because I already have the bachelor's in Psych & am going broke in school LOL, but up until this week it hasn't even occurred to me that I might not get in. I hope this deluded self confidence doesn't screw me.
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  5. by   noladancer
    Kitti419: Where did you get the idea that OLOL's Accelerate Program doesn't require A&P II? They most certainly do. The prereqs are listed on their website (http://www.ololcollege.edu/download/...%20Nursing.pdf)

    Also, be aware that OLOL changed the admission requirements at the first of the year and for those entering the program AFTER the Fall '09 semester, the Sociology requirement has been dropped and they are adding a Microbiology Lab requirement. These changes are not reflected on their Website yet.

    If you go on the Website for Delgado (Charity) (http://www.dcc.edu/campus/charity/ad...uirements.html) and LSU's accelerated program (http://nursing.lsuhsc.edu/AcademicPr...urriculum.html), you can figure out what else you need tp tale. I have a spreadsheet where I laid out what each school needed and what I've already taken, so that I didn't mess anything up by not taking the right courses for all the programs. In case I don't get into OLOL, I'm already signed up for a couple of classes at Delgao that will allow me to apply to LSU and Charity.

    The next deadline for LSU's CARE program is 2/1/2010 for Fall '10 entrance. Delgado (Charity) requires that you have all your prereqs done before applying, including the TEAS Test (Test of Essential Academic Skills). I don't think they waive that test for those who already have a degree. Delgado's next application deadline is 1/31/2010 for Spring '11 entrance.
  6. by   beejaycee
    How solid is that information about the new Micro Lab requirement? Thanks.
  7. by   kitti419
    A&P II LAB is not req'd by OLOL but is so by Charity. I spoke to an OLOL admissions person this AM & she recommended Micro lab bc I said I was considering taking one. She said the committee has not yet met this for EJ but they were talking about a Micro lab requirement. I specifically asked about A&P II lab as well. I guess it couldn't hurt unless you made a poor grade.
  8. by   noladancer
    beejaycee: Everytime I have spoken with OLOL about various matters, I've continued to ask about the Micro Lab requirement. They have been consistent in their replies -- it's now required but will be waived for those applying to the East Jefferson program that starts in the Fall. If you're thinking about applying to the West Jefferson program for a Jan. '10 start, probably better take it.
  9. by   allison504
    Ok, so I got anxious and called OLOL and asked when letters are usually sent it, and the reply I got was that they had yet to receive all the applications..... wasn't the deadline the 15 of march? How could they not have them all?? So confused but whatever. I guess we will just have to be patient.
  10. by   kitti419
    did you specify which program you were calling about? West Jeff is Aug 15 but BR & EJ is 3/15...
  11. by   allison504
    Absolutely did specify. Not sure what that was all about but maybe she just didnt wanna answer my question!
  12. by   lock11
    Hey Guys, I have also applied to the EJ class for Sept 09. I received a letter stating that they received all of my information and that if I am accepted I would have to provide proof that for the courses I haven't finished yet. Did anyone actually go meet with OLOL? I am not sure if I should go ahead apply for the WJ program also just in case. I really hope I get into the Sept class... the wait is killing me
  13. by   noladancer
    No, I didn't meet with OLOL -- I've just spoken with them over the phone (many times).

    I received the same kind of letter and from what I understand, the interviews will be in July. Which means we have a bit of a wait still ahead of us. My plan is to go ahead and apply to WJ if I don't know for sure that I've been accepted to EJ by the time the WJ deadline rolls around in August -- that seems to make the most sense (I'd really be kicking myself if I didn't apply to WJ and then I found out I didn't get into EJ).

    So let's hope we are all called for an interview and find out yea (or nay ) before mid-August.
  14. by   Hawt4God
    Hi all,

    I recently got my acceptance letter this week for the EJGH program. My letter stated that first day of classes for the program is August 21th (thats a Friday). There is also a mandatoy orientation holding placing on Wednesday August 5 from 9am thru 4pm. I have until June 12, 2009 to accept or reject the acceptance which is this Friday.

    They sent my letter last week and mentioned no hospital stipend will be awarded.

    I called today to find out if it was a typo they had for the first day of classes and I was told the date is correct and it the total program spans over a 10months period. So I guess from August to May 2010 or June 2010.