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I applied to the accelerated nursing program at OLOL in Baton Rouge for fall 2010. I am patiently waiting for the committee to make their decision, but I'm getting anxious! Does anyone know when... Read More

  1. by   myra985
    I did not get accepted. I recevied the letter on Sat. Post marked the 14th. They did not even have time to see my spring sememter transcripts. Said if I had questions about their decision or if I am interested in reapplying call them. So, it definitely was not based on grades. Because I had 4 A's this sememter and excellent reference letters. So I am going to call them tomorrow and see what if anything they tell me.
  2. by   pinkpokadots
    myra985, don't be discouraged! You are obviously an intelligent student since you made 4 A's this semester. Just keep applying and I know you'll get in! I think that it's a good idea that you're going to call them to see what happened. If you can, try to go and talk to an advisor face-to-face. That will ensure that you will get all of your questions answered. It will also ensure that you wont get transferred all over the place to only get an answering machine.

    I had a classmate from OLOL who did not get accepted into one of the accelerated programs who had a 3.6+ GPA. I also know another student who got accepted with a 3.0+ GPA. I'm not sure what the admissions committee looks at when making their decision. I would just suggest that you dedicate a lot of your time into your essay since that is the first and only impression that they have of you, and it's what sets you a part from other students.

    Don't forget that if you want to apply to the accelerated ASN program in New Orleans, and that deadline is January 15th! Best of luck!
  3. by   myra985
    Thank you for your kindness and advice, I won't give up. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   godlovesRNs
    Hello, I've been reading several different forums looking for any information I can get on the program. I am starting the BR accelerated program this fall. Anyone out there willing to share their experiences?