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I was wondering if anyone has anything that they have experienced negatively when exercising their compact privileges. Our state hasn't become a compact state as of yet. There is talk about Louisiana possibly joining, and I would... Read More

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    While it's true that some states don't require as extensive background checks as we do in Louisiana; we still have travel nurses coming into the state to work presently even without the compact. Therefore, not having a compact will only hurt the good and proficient nurses and not stop the bad from going to wherever they wish to work
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    Please send me your pros and cons... would love to read your paper to sort out information..... thanks,
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    Please send me your pros and cons paper to help me out in debate .... thanks in advance
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    if the offer to view your paper is still valid I would love to read it. Thank you marti
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    i just have to complain really quick about the RN endorsement process for LA. way over the top