New Grad = No Job

  1. I am a recent ADN-RN graduate (May 2010) and have yet to find a job, or even have an interview. I have read posts from all around the country and have noticed that many people are having the same issue. It is a shame. Every news article gives false hope, advertising a "nursing shortage" when so many new nurses are liscensed and eager. Every day I hear "did you get a job yet?", "Everyone is looking for nurses", "You'll definitely have job security". I work at a coffee shop, and I'm a liscensed RN. I want to work, and I want experience. Pay isn't even a factor. I decided to go to nursing school because I have a passion for healthcare, medicine, and science. I would talk about how much I enjoyed nursing school and encouraged many people to pursue a nursing degree. I don't anymore. There WILL be a nursing shortage in the coming years, because no one will go to school if they can't get a job. New grads are becoming jaded, stressed, and broke. I have faith a job will come eventually, and I really hope it rekindles my love for nursing. Good luck to all of the new grads!! We've worked so hard.
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  3. by   Hopefull nurse

    I very sorry that you haven't found a job yet. It scares me because I am startint the Charity LPN program next month and I wonder, as an RN peoplel are having trouble finding a job...what about when I become an LPN?

    Have you tried applying to other jobs in hospitals? Maybe once you get an interview and work there they see your capabilities and offer you something better. I have been working at EJGH for 3 months now. Its a PCA position, not great pay, but I am learning a lot. I watch the RNs, LPNs, and CNAs very closely and try to learn as much as I can.

    I feel very lucky to have been given the job without having no experience. I try to network and talk to nursing supervisors when ever possible. Even if you do not get an RN position, the fact of being able to get in there and put your name out there might work.

    I know that is horrible considering you have worked hard and gone through the struggles of nursing school (Congratulations! by the way), but it might be a step in the right direction.

    Keep sending those applications and don't give up! You have to keep the faith for the rest of us who are just starting
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    The problem with a CNA or Tech position is that it can cause a conflict in your scope of practice as an RN... I have started looking at other areas, hoping that with experience, opportunities will come. Most hospitals are filling their RN and LPN positions internally with techs so hopefully you will be ok!! Also Ochsner is changing their approach to Nursing. They are going to start team nursing... which is when a LPN and RN work together to take care of 6-8 patients. They are currently looking for LPNs to fill their need. Good luck with school!!
  5. by   Ang_RN
    I feel ya Laura!
  6. by   FutureCRNA15
    My suggestion is to apply to hospitals outside your area, moreso rural hospitals. Get into contact with the recruiters and follow up. If there are no jobs in your area you may have to move a couple of hours away and come back after you get a little experience. You should find something. Good Luck!