LSUHSC BSN Out of State Student Stats?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm currently waist-deep in my nursing prerequisites, but I've been doing a bit of school research on the side to explore my options. I'm an Oregon resident but I've been considering apply to LSU BSN program in NO.

    My question is for any out of state students who have been accepted to the program; what were your stats? GPA, Hesi, ect...!

    I'm curious to know. Thanks and regards!
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  3. by   JovanGuss
    I'm in state but my GPA is 2.8 pre reqs, 3.0 LSU GPA, 78 HESI. I'm trying to get in for the spring '13 semester. Hope this helps! Good Luck getting in!
  4. by   greenkat123
    I had about an 80 hesi, 3.0 gpa. I just started the program and its really stressful. You practically teach yourself. Everybody makes everything more difficult than what it is. The exames and lectures ara ll jumbled up and trick you.... good luck maybe its just me
  5. by   hellonewyear
    @kat123 thank you for the info. What statedid you transfer from? I've heard the first semester is challenging. But I've also that oncd you get into the core curriculum of nursing coursds the teacher is excellent. Have you heard or seen this from any senior students?
  6. by   greenkat123
    well i didnt transfer from another state i did pre requ at UNO. I know a student who is on his junior year and he just told me it gets even worse because they add on more classes. I think if you are just looking for a RN degree and no other higher education things go to another school but if you plan on doing higher learning like nurse anesthetist or midwife then this the school..( even though i think they take thingss waayyy wayyy too seriously i mean we cant even wear shorts lol. ) I have my first physiology exam tomorrow and due to the storm our teacher combined exam one and exam two into one!! its like 16 lectures make sure that if you do choose this school that you commit to it 100%. No job no nothing.. i know about 2 ppl that work and only one day a week! the majority of the ppl that applied for this semester got in and some that i know of had seriously low hesi scores!! this includes me because i had like a 64 on the anatomy and phys section .