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    Anyone else applied to LSU's accelerated program for 2013? The silence is killing me!
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    Yea I applied! Just extremely nervous. Did you hear from them yet?
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    Yes, I applied for Fall 2013. I got a call a few days ago asking me to interview! I'm excited and nervous! From what I hear, their call-back process is sort of mysterious and haphazard, so I wouldn't worry that you haven't gotten a call yet. You probably will soon! Good luck! :-)
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    I got a call for an interview as well. I'm going on Saturday. Did anyone get clear direction on where the interview is actually being held? The lady was talking pretty fast when she was giving me directions into the building!
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    I did just get a call on Monday! My interview is March 16th. I'd also be interested if anyone captured those directions...something about it being on the 4th floor but needing to use the third floor due to construction? I think?
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    hey growingseeking, I'd arrive early if I were you because it's actually quite confusing. You must enter in through the parking garage, go up to the 3rd floor, walk across the skywalk to the main building and then take the elevator up to the 4th floor. Then just follow the balloons from there.
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    I recently had my interview on Feb 16th. I don't know if I can make it til May when they send out the acceptence letters and what not. I'm so anxious and nervous.

    I parked on the street and walked around to the parking garage. Just follow the instructions to get off at the 3rd floor and take the elecator to the 4th floor and you will be fine. Good luck!
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    From what I've read on other message boards, most people hear in mid or late April. Last year they started hearing at the beginning of April. So I don't know. They might just tell us May to be safe...I hope it's not May!!!
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    Do y'all think there was any rhyme or reason in the distribution of interview dates? Also, how'd it go to those who interviewed already? Fingers crossed for all of us!
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    i'm not sure. when they called me they said feb 16th was the only interview date. so i'm confused there?? and i think my interview went pretty well...i was thinking the questions would be more difficult but i was able to come up with an answer for everything and elaborate. so hopefully it went well!

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