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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my cumalitive GPA is around 3.13 but... Read More

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    no letter here, either! does anyone know if we can find out the school's final decision over the phone?

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    If anyone is looking for a place to rent, email me at
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    @jt112 I have called multiple times and they won't give me any specific information. They won't even verify that they have my correct address. The people in the student affairs office are very rude and vague.. and they are giving inconsistent information. I wish I had written down all of their names and what each person said...
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    is anyone purchasing their health care plan? it's kinda expensive, if you're not what are going to do instead?
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    I got in. My letter was sent on the 10th and I got it today (the 12th) and I live in BR.

    However I am on the fence. There is no way that I can afford to live in New Orleans right now and I am locked in a lease until August 2013. Anyone ever done a long commute to the school? I mapquested it and I live 1 1/2 away which would mean a 3 hour drive each day. :/

    I may have to decline because if I can't commute and I can't afford to live there right now I have no other options.
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    if you don't mind me asking, what was your gpa and hesi score. i did well and still have not heard, i have called numerous times but noone is willing to give any information! i am just dumbfounded over all of this. i wish i could call and ask them to put ME in your place!!
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    What are y'all doing if y'all don't get in? reapply? or try to go somewhere else and if so where? I'm going to holy cross in the spring to take some classes then will apply to the nursing school for the fall( 2013)....the only thing is it's a little y'all know of any other bachelor program options in LA?
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    Does anyone know how to change your tops to a different school? Im at southeastern, well I was for the fall semester, but now going to lsu, how do I transfer my tops?
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    @JNStringer Our Lady of the Lake in BR is now a bachelor's program.
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    i got in! they mailed the letter out the 11th, and i got it today. so THERE IS STILL HOPE to everyone waiting, and i am praying for y'all. thank god because i was really starting to panic and it's cutting it pretty close to next semester. it says Jan 4th is the mandatory new student orientation. does anyone know if it is the same for everyone?and if anyone wants to carpool with me, i live on the northshore, but i won't be taking the causeway. i live right by the twinspans so that would take longer.
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