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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

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    I'm pretty sure it's the second or third week of November. Wait till Nov 15 then start getting irritated

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    Ok, I called them and asked them the status of our applications. They said they are STILL looking at applications and have not make any decisions yet!
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    Did they say when they were going to be making decisions??
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    I am also anxious for my letter!
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    Too late, I'm already irritated.
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    Lol yeah they're definitely taking forever. Probably before thanksgiving...
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    Has anyone applied to any other Nursing programs besides LSU for the Spring?

    I know that every program has such different requirements, I was wondering if anyone applied to other programs. I have definitely been looking into other options as of late but LSU is the only program I have applied to so far. I considering retaking the HESI again but would rather find out if I was accepted before making plans.
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    @NolaM I was accepted to Charity School of Nursing for Spring 2013. The big difference between the programs' pre-reqs is that Charity requires Anatomy and Physiology I & II. I think their HESI requirements are a little lower than LSU's (70 or above). You don't need to write a paper or attend an in-person interview. They create a profile score for you based on the following criteria:

    I hope this helps!
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    Just called LSU and they said they are still reviewing the applications!!!! Im going crazy waiting on this letter!
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    omg, are you serious?

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