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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my... Read More

  1. by   Thuyti3n
    I really think it depends on each applicants. It isn't strictly base on GPA they also look at everything else. But I doubt everyone will get their letters the same time. There's many to mail out. I'm sure we should get it real soon. :/
  2. by   Thuyti3n
    Yeah seriously I thought we would get it begginning of Nov. now it's almost December! I had my interview oct 20th so I knew for sure it should be in mid Nov. Every year is different.
  3. by   purpledaisy
    I think gpa counts for a majority of it though. I didn't do well on the interview. I was so nervous i went completely blank and the questions were very easy lol. I made a 89 on the hesi. I thought about retaking it because i didn't time myself well and had um rush through a dew sections. i think my nursing prereq is a 3.4 so i am nervous it's not high enough :/Don't they send an email too? I was told they did and you could get it before the letter.
  4. by   purpledaisy
    Had to rush through a few sections* stupid phone. Lol
  5. by   Thuyti3n
    No I doubt they email. That's too many email to send out. Receiving a letter is more appropriate. lets just hope for the best
  6. by   Anna B G
    I'm pretty positive they don't email because it's an official offer for admission. I live about 2.5 miles from the school and I didn't see it in the mail today. As far as gpa goes, it seems like they are kind of vague about the importance of each of the factors they consider. They don't really have cut-offs, beside the requirement for applying. When I went to the info session in May, they speaker said they would try to send them right before going on holiday for thanksgiving. Obviously they were a tad behind on that schedule but not extremely.
  7. by   Thuyti3n
    I stay in New Orleans also. Maybe Tom? I just want to know if I'm accepted or not so I can move on with my plans. It is a bit late..absolutely ridiculous for those living out of state. In like a month school starts already. I just hope tomorrow. Cross fingers*
  8. by   kp2012
    Not sure if y'all already know this, but LSU is going through massive budget cuts and layoffs right now. The folks I work with at University Hospital are bracing themselves for what's to come...and it doesn't sound good. I bet the delay in letters has to do with lack of (wo)manpower. The whole School of Nursing was potentially up for the chopping block earlier this year:

    LSU Flagship, Medical & Nursing Schools Threatened by Budget Cuts | LSU System
  9. by   Thuyti3n
    Well, I don't think it would be effective immediately. And that whole statement is all about possibility but not of the current standing
  10. by   rkell22
    I heard through the grapevine that one of my friends got her letter tonight! She lives in New Orleans, so it would make sense that she got it today if they mailed them out yesterday. I haven't received mine yet, but it shouldn't be long now! Good luck to everyone!!!
  11. by   funsizedfuturenurse
    I stay in Baton Rouge and I got my acceptance letter today. Honestly I didn't think I would get in. I had a 2.9 prereq gpa b/c I did horrible in the sciences and an 86 hesi "/ BUT luckily I'm a great writer and speaker so my paper and interview were great! I think they care more about passion than strictly gpa. Good luck to y'all !
  12. by   Thuyti3n
    Congrats! I live in New Orleans and I still haven't got mines!! my GPA for nursing prereqs (not counting overall since it doesn't count) is a 3.4. But it mainly interview and other criteria that they look at also and add up the points. I'm really nervous now! (
  13. by   Anna B G
    Now I'm super nervous. I'm worried my letter will get lost in the mail or something crazy like that.My pre-req gpa and HESI score were really good, and I feel confident about the paper and interview. I'm just worried about actually getting the letter!