LSU BSN Fall 2014 Semester

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    Hey everyone! I was a spring 2014 applicant, I received an alternate letter so I am crossing my fingers I have better luck this semester! I know everyone probably feels like a huge weight is lifted off their shoulders as today was the application deadline. But now the nervousness is kicking in! I created this thread because I figured we all need the moral support - or at least I know I do lol! I hope I can be of help to anyone who may have questions as far as interviews and the time frame of this process! Good Luck to all of you!!

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    Hey, I turned in my app this morning!! Now I am extremely nervous! How long will it take them to call u for an interview?
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    I turned my application in on the other day. I'm nervous also, but what are some of the interview questions that were asked?
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    We were contacted by email last time. I believe it took 3 weeks to hear something back the interviews were divided into two days both were on a Saturday. The questions were standard why do you want to be a nurse, why LSU, who or what is your biggest support system... I took the whole experience as them just wanting to get to know you so my advice is be yourself! One of the students on my panel told me they interviewed about 160 people and as most of us know only 100 get the chance for admissions hope some of that info helps!
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    Hello Everyone, I also applied for the spring semester 2014 and unfortunately I got in the alternate list. Im hoping i have better luck this time around. Good Luck to Everyone
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    I applied to the fall 2014 semester, CARE program! Is there anyone else who did the same? Also, can anyone offer any advice? I turned my app in months ago and I've been sooo nervous ever since!
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    How did everyone do on the hesi? GPA? So nervous!
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    I was also wondering, once all the interviews are finished, how long does it take them to send out the decision letters?
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    I applied for my first time. It sucks you have to wait so long to find out... Do y'all know if the interview has to be in person?? Skype is free... but airfare sucks.
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    hesi 93, but not a great GPA. You?

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