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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative... Read More

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    I have heard of at least 3 people with the interview this Saturday at 11...weird! Kel, on the phone they told me to park in the parking garage (not quite sure where) and then take the elevator to the 3rd floor..which puts you in the crosswalk and leads into the nursing school which will be the first building on the left? I'm pretty sure that's what they told me.

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    hey keljones91 : i also have my interview at 1 on the same day as you!! ahh im so nervous im afraid i will just blank out when they ask me something
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    I called & asked today and they said they're still making calls to set up interviews. If you haven't been called yet, all hope is not lost!
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    Did thy call u yet sydlie? Hope they call us soon!
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    Still no call & I must admit, I'm running low on hope that it's going to happen, but when I called yesterday they said they were still calling people to set up interviews. I'm going to call again on Wednesday to ask again if I haven't heard by then. I don't know how many people they have making calls, but if you assume they have to call 200 applicants, it's been at least 6 days they've been working on it now & (rounding up) that would require 34 calls a day- not unreasonable if they have a few people working on it, but if it's just one or 2 people calling, they still have to do other things, too, I assume.

    My big hope is that if I don't get a call, they'll send me a letter explaining why so that I can fix it and apply again for the spring.
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    How did everyone think they did on their interviews? I felt like when they were asking me questions I was really nervous and didn't always know what to say, but I didn't do terrible I would rate it as ok. But once it came to asking them questions they conversation went really well. Soo fingers crossed everyone!
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    I feel pretty confident about the interview. I thought it went really well. It is just a waiting process from here. April can not come soon enough!!!!!!! The students made me feel at ease and the faculty member was really kind. I left with good vibes. I hope I did as well as I feel.

    PS--from an inside source, they are doing HALF of the interviews today. The other half are going to be called for March 10. Give it a couple weeks and don't stress too much. They didn't call me till Thursday this week--that gave me 2 days to prepare myself. There is no particular preference from the first and second group that I know of! If you meet the minimum, YOU WILL BE CALLED...Do NOT lose any hope. Whether we get in this round, or the next, one day we will all be nurses!!! :-)

    Again, Great LUCK everyone!
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    Sooooo happy to hear all about the good interviews! How were they? Not too intense? Also... any suggestions as to places to stay when I'm down there starting March 8th? Oregon is a long way away it feels...
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    My interview went pretty well, even though I was extremely nervous! I have the worst nerves and tend to be somewhat of an introvert, so I warned the students of that before hand. Afterwards, they told me I did very well and was one of the best interviews they had seen for the day! That made me very happy, but they could tell everyone that for all I know! I was prepared for the questions they asked me: What do you think an average day for a nurse is like? What have you done to prepare yourself for the diversity of the nursing career? Who is your support system? Who is your number 1 supporter and why? Name a time when someone's moral decisions conflicted with your own. If there was one spot left, why should we pick you? How do you think you would handle working with diverse people in your line of work?
    & I'm pretty sure that's it! I knew beforehand pretty much what I was gonna talk about, but didn't prepare answers, cause I wanted the conversation to be more natural! Good luck to all!! I hate this waiting game!!!
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    The interviews werent to intense. Everyone was really nice and friendly. My problem is that I have trouble controlling my nerves and in the beginning I was a mess, but as time went on I got alot more comfortable. They'll give you a chance to ask questions about the program after their finised asking you questions, so make sure you have some prepared because it will be the difference in your interview lasting 15 minutes instead of the full 30 minutes. They make you sit outside and wait while they dicussed how you did and of course I was trying to listen. I heard a few things that made me feel like I did well then I heard one thing that they had a problem with. So I guess right now its a toss up on how I actually did. But just stay calm im so glad this part is over with for me, but the waiting for the letter is going to kill me! Sorry for this long response, I just know people are as interested in how the interview is going to go as I was. Good luck to everyone.

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