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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative... Read More

  1. by   Sydlie
    Still no call for me, so I'm freaking out. I turned my application in around mid-December & my last name starts with an "O" if that means anything. If I don't get a call this time, I'm pretty sure it's because I missed a detail on the application- ugh! Does anyone know how long they'll be making calls for? Is this the last week?
  2. by   Mimin_5o4
    Sydlie was your essay no more than two pages not including the title page? and is your gpa atleast 2.8 (3.0 and above is better), your hesi at least a 75 and a above? If so idk why they havent called you....

    I will talk to (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of individuals in your program per TOS) tomorrow she is a nursing director at lsu and I'll ask her all the questions. Once I get an answer I will share the news here!
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  3. by   initials
    This is stressful, I hope that everyone gets their interview!!! Anyone signed up for the March 10th interview day?
  4. by   Sydlie
    I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA and I got a 90 on my HESI, my personal statement was just over 1-1/2 pages. The thing I'm worried about is that I took my HESI through a different school & the Chemistry portion of the test wasn't available. I've since heard that it's a required portion of the test, but it was too late for me to be able to retake the test anywhere else. I have an A in Chem on my transcripts, not to mention, even if I'd have bombed the whole section, I'd have still received a good overall score on the HESI (I've read here that some people have done really poorly on one section, but still been accepted based on their overall score.)

    I'm pretty upset at the moment. I know that I can retake the test and apply for the spring, but I don't want to wait to start my nursing career!
  5. by   lsutigermmm
    I know someone with the last name starting with a P who has an interview date on the 11th. I talked to the office of student affairs about the HESI bc i wanted to take it at a different school so it could count for both Charity and LSU, but they told me that i had to take it with the polimetric and sign up through the internet. I didnt know their was a specific HESI score we had to get either! But with your GPA and scores you should get accepted in the Spring, but i know the wait is horrible so good luck!
  6. by   Mimin_5o4
    I know for charity you need a 70 or higher on your hesi. Idk about lsu... Do y'all know? Either way I'll get an answer to today from (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of individuals in your program per TOS) who is a nursing advisor at lsu baton rouge
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  7. by   amber92292
    Congrats, initials!! Must be so exciting to get to travel to Nursing school! I live in the area and am going for my interview Saturday! I'll let you know what to expect
  8. by   Mimin_5o4
    I've just talked to (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of individuals in your program per TOS) she said roughly 200 applied like 160-180. They prefer you to make an 80-100 on the hesi but there is no minimum score. And she says if you didn't do well on the anatomy of the hesi they'll look at the scores individually. She says everyone gets am interview
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  9. by   mgsmgsmgs
    I missed a call this morning from (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of individuals in your program per TOS) and when I called back they said that she was out of the office for the day and asked if I was calling in regards to my interview...I said I sure hope so. They told me to call back in the needless to say, I am super anxious to get in touch with her. My hopes are high.Mg, I know for sure that they do two days for interviews...according to initials, the next interview day is in March. Keep your head up and try not to stress too much. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   sirI
    Gentle reminder: Please do not post names of individuals in your program per TOS.

    Thank you.
  11. by   initials
    That's ridiculous! I can't believe that the tests were that different. Did you get an interview call?
  12. by   initials
    Yes please, amber!!! I'd love to hear what it's like!!!
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  13. by   Sydlie
    mgmgmg: Everyone gets an interview? As in all 200-ish applicants? That would be a huge relief to hear if that's the case. I know my check cleared, so they clearly got my application, I'm just choking to death on the fear that I won't get a call.

    LSUTigermmm: What do you mean by "polimetric"? Is that the school code for the test? I had my scores forwarded & also included a paper copy in with my application, which is what I was told to do (I called LSU, they told me to call HESI, who said they could forward the results, I put the hard copy in to be safe.)

    I really just want this call. Ugh, I don't remember the last time I stressed about something so hard!