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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative information along the way!! Best of... Read More

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    Do you think I'll get a call if I haven't by now. This freaks me out!!

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    I got my call yesterday about interviewing Feb 11...I picked 12pm as my time! I was sooo not expecting the call and freaked out and didn't know what to say! I'm so nervous now! What are they going to ask me? What am I going to wear? Ahhhh it's only a week away!!
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    I defenitly think you'll still get a call, it's still pretty early! And amber92292 I feel the same way, I'll probably go shopping tomorrow. What's everyone else thinking of wearing. I was thinking of a simple modest dress with heels and a cardigan if it's cold.
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    lsutiger, I have a few friends that just started this semester and they wore black pants, a nice shirt, and heels for their interviews. I'm just so nervous about everything! I have the worst problem talking to people when I'm not relaxed!!
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    Check the lsu bsn website for questions they asked, I plan on knowing all my answers ahead a time and hoping they use the same questions lol But I'm in the same boat I hate interviews and I feel that it'll be the determine factor on weather I'm accepted or not so the pressure is on
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    Where did you find the questions they asked on the website?? I looked but can't find anything . Hopefully we can prepare ourselves and get the questions we already know the answers to, then we will get in and be the best nursing students ever!!
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    mgsmgsmgs, DON'T FREAK OUT!! Even though I probably would to, there is no reason to freak yet!! I got a call around 6pm on Friday, so chances are they will be making more calls on Monday. I have 2 friends that also applied and haven't heard anything either. I will post when they get called. JUST RELAX!
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    Thanks Amber! About the interview questions, my sis in law told me last year they asked her what she would do if she saw a classmate cheating...she said she would confront the cheater first and give her an ultimatum.. They said that was the answer they were lookin for.
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    They also asked how she handles diversity in a workplace and she mentioned (as a waitress) that that was part of her job description and she treats all individuals as equals.
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    Idk why I said website, theirs a thread called lsu bsn and I found some questions on there. But, they are different from the ones mentioned above so maybe they change them up for each interview. Either way I feel like I'm going to be tounge tied on all the questions. How's everyone else feeling about the interview?

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