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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative information along the way!! Best of... Read More

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    I. am. FREAKING. OUT!!!! The waiting is awful! We are going to be super busy for the next few weeks - traveling out of town, lots of work deadlines, and I'm really happy for it because I hope it will make the time go faster

    Good luck!

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    I just found out the way they choose who is accepted:40% grades30% interview20% written statement10% HESI
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    Whenever anyone hears any kind of news - good or bad - can u pls post it so I know when to expect my answer? I am applying from Los Angeles so I really hope I get in since I spent money to go to my interview. Also if I get in, i have a lot of planning to do.
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    What questions did they ask you? And how did you answer? Im sure you did just fine!
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    Just read on the lsu bsn thread that according to the dean of nursing letters are possibly coming out next week and their are no denials only alternates, idk what she means by alternates but I guess it's better then a flat out denial... She also said that 125 were accepted which seems like alot more then the previous semesters!
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    i didn't even know that had another LSU Thread page besides the LSU BSN one! well glad i found it!
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    For anyone else wondering about what the alternate list is since there are no Denial letters this time, according to the Dean of nursing school..... Basically, if a person gets an acceptance letter but denies the acceptance letter, the first person on the alternate list gets that spot into the nursing school.(its kinda like a wait list.)
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    Hi guys! New here but I've been lurking for the past year so on the other LSU boards. I had my interview in Feb but now I'm just starting to become a nervous wreck. Only now am I doubting myself. I feel like my goal statement and interview sucked. I'm hoping that my prereq gpa of 3.5 and my hesi score of 88 will get me there! I saw that there may be no denial letters but I'm not holding my breath just yet. I already applied for financial aid just incase, I hope I didn't jinx myself!
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    Wow 125 is a lot compared to 80-90 from previous years!
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    Yea it's a lot because almost 200 people applied for the Fall!

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