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I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative information along the way!! Best of... Read More

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    My sis n law started last fall and Recieved her letter on April 13!! I can't stand the waiting process...boy oh boy, I hope my this wait is all worth it!!!

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    How does she like it there? Does anyone else have an interview March 10th
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    She loves it...I know a bunch of people that are in the traditional program...the first year seems to be pretty tough and time consuming...evidently, the second and third year get better and less "busy"...
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    On the CARE 2012 thread another poster said that some years the letters come as early as the first week of April. I can't wait! But I'm scared too - it will be a HUGE blow if I don't get in. I'm trying for the CARE program but if I don't get in I will try for spring admission to the 3-year BSN. It seems like most people that make it into either program really like it, so it sounds like all the suspense is well worth it.

    At least we have each other to talk to - my family is already sick of hearing me stress out about whether I get in!

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    Did anyone not get an interview yet? I haven't gotten mine yet, and I'm starting to get really worried. I'm pretty sure I did my application correctly. .
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    Hi Anguy -

    You might want to call the office and follow up - my understanding is that the last interviews are tomorrow (March 10th) but some people have been notified at the last minute. Good luck!

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    Hey everyone, how did your interviews go yesterday??? I am curious!!
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    I did ok.. i felt like i could have done better... Its just I was very nervous and forgot to say things I wanted to say. LOL but overall it wasnt that bad...
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    Sooo it's about a month until we find out if we've been accepted or not! I'm not going to lie its on my mind everyday and I can't wait to stop stressing lol
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    So, I don't want to get everybody's hopes up....BUT. LSU's website says that it takes approximately 4 weeks for notifications of acceptance and denial to be mailed out..LAST YEAR, the second round of interviews was March 10 and letters went out April 13-14. That is 3 1/2 weeks. Soooo if things go accordingly, we should all find out the first week of April. That would be amazing, considering its only 2 1/2 weeks away!!!
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