1. Hi everybody,
    Im new to this site and could really use some advice. Im starting LSU traditional BSN program. Was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to expect and what I should do to prepare. Also if anyone is actually a student at LSU that would help or if they are starting in the Fall as well.
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  3. by   jhanon
    Hi, are you starting lsu in the fall. I'm asking because I applied to but I haven't received a letter from them yet. I know someone who received their denial letter last week and someone who received their acceptance letter this week, but I haven't got anything from them yet. When did you receive your acceptance letter?
  4. by   edawso6
    Jhanon, IM IN YOUR SAMEEEEE BOAT! Where do you live because I heard it takes 3 or more days for it to get to me in Lafayette! Im going insane, stalking the mailman haha

    LSUNurse09, Congrats!!!! When did you get your letter and what city was it mailed to? Yay for getting accepted thats awesome!! and in regards to your questions, I know physiology is pretty intense there but if you've had it before you should be fine otherwise I think its going to be the main focus for studying the first semester! Anatomy lab has cadavers which is really cool and an advantage over all the other nursing schools in LA.
  5. by   jhanon
    I live in New Orleans so I don't get why some people have gotten there's and some hasn't. I know what you mean about stalking the mailman. I do the same thing. I just wish I would receive something.
  6. by   jhanon
    Well that makes me feel slightly better if they get mailed on multiply days. I applied last semester and didn't get in and they mailed the denial letters first and than the acceptance letters. So I know they mail the denial letters first. So hopefully that means I'll get an acceptance letter since they mailed the denial letters last week. Good luck to you. I hope we all get accepted.
  7. by   edawso6
    I read some posts from a couple years ago and apparently LSU mails them multiple days. The post said some were mailed on a Friday and others were mailed on a Monday and Tuesday...which just gives me more anxiety then I need to have lol. Im really worried about getting in bc I read some statistics on admissions from previous years which put me into panic mode!
  8. by   edawso6
    AWESOME you just made me feel so much more calm but still not getting my hopes up! Good luck to you too, let me know when you get your letter and Ill do the same
  9. by   NStiger88
    the school is pretty hard so my biggest advice to you would be to buy your textbook early and start reading up a little bit over the summer. phys is realllyyyy hard but i think a new teacher is taking over next semester? either way you will have to study your ass off for it. for anatomy, pay attention in lab!! and for intro to nursing, you need to actually study for the tests! alot of people didnt expect it to be challenging and as a result i know many people who didnt get the grade they expected to.

    just know you will probably not sleep, and you will probably not have the kind of social life you had before! haha but you make really good friends and its still alot of fun eventhough all you do is study!!
  10. by   mdv0731
    Hey everybody! Thanks for replying didnt expect so many replies right away. As for the ones that havent heard yet keep waiting. I know yall will get in! Im from the new orleans area. My advice for jhanon try checking your email account that you listed on your application. I actually recieved an email stating that a letter would arrive soon with my acceptance. If you didnt get anything dont freak out because from what I hear LSU is very weird with their admissions process. Just keep hoping for the best! About stalking the mailman, I think everyone does that. I even had my whole family stalk the mailman. My mom went to LSU SON so shes like freaking out more than I am. As for edawso6, keep waiting as well im not sure when the letters will arrive by lafayette. NStiger88..thanks for the advice on physiology. I have talked to current students students now about that class and they all said its hard!!!! Someone I know said their class failed it so they had to retake it the next semester. They said the professor was just aweful! I am prepared to study real hard though. I am aware of how difficult it can be. I just keep telling myself get there and then dont quit whatever happens. We will all make it through. I wish yall all the best of luck!
  11. by   mdv0731
    Also, as for when i recieved mine. It was monday April 6th for the Fall 2009!
  12. by   mdv0731
    Another question I had if anyone knows this. How hard is it to get into the housing over there. I heard there is a waitlist? If anyone knows anything about that let me know!
  13. by   edawso6
    I got in!!!!!! Just found out today!!!!
  14. by   mdv0731
    AHHH..Congrats!..looks like we will be future classmates..cant wait till August!