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Hi everybody, Im new to this site and could really use some advice. Im starting LSU traditional BSN program. Was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to expect and what I should do to prepare. Also if anyone is... Read More

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    gentle tos reminder:

    while it is important to be able to network, everyone should be mindful of the following:

    1. it is a small world - when we narrow it down to a state and throw in some personal info, there is actually a pretty good chance someone may recognize you if you are not careful. your privacy is paramount to us.
    2. while is a wonderful place to vent (without excess personally identifiable details) it is not the place to express why ("x" specific person, place or program) is terrible. gripe away, but since we cannot permit allegations to be made about named entities, your care in not naming them is very much appreciated.
    3. please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.

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    they are so strange! haha you think they would have known this before sending a mass email to all of us saying to expect the admissions packet in the mail within a "few" days...odd! I'll be sending my paperwork off with my fiance to hand deliver tomorrow, im curious as to how they are going to let us know when our advising date is and i hope that email contains all of the lsu blackboard and email information needed
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    ooo damn that sucks! i wish they would have said a couple of weeks not days! im surprised they weren't rude to you!

    and yea i printed everything out and filled it out but im not going to bring it in until i get my letter with directions...i dont want them to yell at me if i go over there ya know? but i am gettng my physical and shots today! want to get that over and done with. im using the forms for that which are on the site!

    i guess we will have to keep each other posted on when we get the letter.
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    Congrats to all of you guys who got in! The program is challenging but it is manageable. I did not go through the traditional program, I did CARE, but it was still manageable! Don't stress is my first piece of advice. My second is go with your gut and don't change your answers. If you pay attention in class and study the lectures and use common sense you'll do ok! Someone once told me that C=RN and the fact of the matter is that nobody ever looks at your grades unless you want to apply to a master's program. I'm not saying slack, but don't over stress. Enjoy your time in school because the real world of nursing is a different animal from school! As far as the classes go, don't skip class. You will miss lots of important information if you miss. And as far as phys is concerned, go to class and keep up with the notes and readings. The teachers we had gave bonus points for just answering questions on index cards in class and if you got it right you'd get more points, so go!!! And anatomy, go to lab and pay attention. I slacked on my first practical and did horribly, like 33! Well on my second one I went to the review session and the professor walked around the cadavers with me and pointed out EVERYTHING and i got a 100, so go to the reviews, ask questions, and don't be scared to get dirty! Good luck to you all and you will do great. Keep your heads up and take it one day at a time!
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    aw thank you so much!!! its really great to hear from someone who has been on the inside!! Do you have any of your notes or anything left that maybe i could borrow? just asking! I'm really glad to hear if we just study and stay focused and just keep thinking bout the goal in the end we can do it!
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    I finally got the letter in the mail today!!!
    It basically says to print out all the forms off the "new students" section, fill them out and bring them in, something we already figured out:spin:
    The date on the letter is Oct 30th, and 7 business days would be next Monday... but I'm going to go ahead and bring mine in now.
    I feel so dorky but I can't wait for the advising sessions, mine's the 17th!
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    yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy!!! ive printed and filled everything out!! so now im just going to bring it in! i havent gotten the letter yet so i should get it today cuz the mail hasst come in yet! im excited!!
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    so the acceptance form online is the one we turn in?
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    yeah, you print it off, fill it out, bring that and 50 dollars to the office on the 4th floor of the HSC building on Gravier. Just turn right when you get off the elevator - the ladies were real sweet!
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    okie doke! thank u! is that the only form i bring to them? everything else is brought in before dec 11 or our advising day?

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