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Hi everybody, Im new to this site and could really use some advice. Im starting LSU traditional BSN program. Was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to expect and what I should do to... Read More

  1. by   charliehopeful
    Get started early on financial aid requests! They have a lot of paper work for you to fill out and find old copies of ect.
    Does anyone know if LSU New Orleans campus has any kind of child care center? I can't find anything on their web page, but it seems worth asking...
  2. by   rebecca9341
    no joke on the fin. aid! never had to be this involved with fin aid request at previous school! not sure about child care

    Congrats arose1!
  3. by   arose1
    Thank you all so much! My doctors appointment is tomorrow; it sounds like the financial aid at LSU is a pain, not looking forward to that. Still excited though!
  4. by   newgirla
    yea im sending in my financial aid monday!
  5. by   rebecca9341
    got my financial aid information from salliemae today...lemme tell, they were so generous lol $2000, that's before the fees they take out! hopefully it will be enough to cover tuition! don't they know i have books to pay for and equipment to buy?!? i guess i won't be keeping all that money i have in my savings aw well...still excited
  6. by   newgirla
    aw itll be okay though. did u get an email from them telling u this? i havent received anything and i turned my information in a while nervous now! lol. but like u said im still excited! i cant wait til the 16th to get my schedule!!
  7. by   rebecca9341
    yes, received the email yesterday from salliemae, i had to remind the school that i turned in my master promissory note and did the counseling. im sure your email is coming soon
  8. by   charliehopeful
    I'm sorry about the financial aid. Its funny how much they seem to think we can get by on. You know you can get private school loans through the same company... I think they have high interest rates that aren't fixed. But if you are in a tight spot you might look in to it.
    I just had to call fin aid today cause I hadn't gotten any e-mail from the loan company. It turned out they hadn't received my Stafford entrance confirmation, if you haven't heard anything, you might check your LSU e-mail account for an e-mail from LSU fin aid.
    Also - there is more compliance training to take care of! I just found it this morning:
    I don't know if that link will work or not.
    I sure am glad we have this thread so we can all look out for each other!!
  9. by   newgirla
    i just received my financial aid notification too!! im good now lol. so i went to the compliance training and it says that i don't have anymore to do. what is the one its showing u have to do? and yes im glad we all are helping each other out!!!!
  10. by   charliehopeful
    It was a notification in my LSU e-mail - it was for computer safety. About viruses and protecting your password and such. If that doesn't sound familiar maybe you'll get an e-mail about it soon.
  11. by   rebecca9341
    yeah i should be fine, i have more student loan debt than i know what to do with anyway! i just found it funny that my freshmen year at southeastern they gave me $10,000, seriously...though i did use every last bit to stay in the dorm that year! LSU's fin aid is a whole different world! finally got all my health forms completed, after hounding the doctor's office for my titer results and calling another hospital to get my most recent tetanus shot record! phew... are we there yet?!?! i will be dropping off the health forms and waiting patiently for my advising season!

    Happy Thanksgiving...I know I certainly am thankful of a lot of things:spin:
  12. by   newgirla
    i never got another compliance training to do but maybe i did it already? oh well i guess theyll let me know! i cant wait til advising so we can meet and get our schedules!

    hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! and good luck on ur finals coming up!!
  13. by   rebecca9341
    OK just checked my email! apparently LSU is giving me 2 loans yay im in more debt but now i can pay for books and supplies! so relieved! yes, GOOD LUCK on finals!