LPN student at Delta College B.R.

  1. I'm starting the LPN program at Delta in Feb. I'm so interested in speaking with someone that attended. Please give me some feedback.
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  3. by   nursically me
    HI. I attended and graduated 2/07. Been a nurse for almost a year now. Attending Delta had its ups and downs, but the coordinator is very strict. Alot of my instructors isn't there anymore. We had some that were pains in the u know what. My advice to u is to study...study...study. It will be stressful, especially the drug card writing, but for the most part it was interesting. I work at nursing homes in B,R., and agency as well. Still nervous about the hospitals, but since I have been at it for almost a year now i may try to apply prn at one. Good luck, and let me know how u are making out. Be of good cheer and courage, u will do fine.