LPN - RN Transition School

  1. 0 This is my first posting. I live in Texas and will be moving back to Louisiana soon. I have heard a little about the LPN-RN transition courses. Can someone point me in the right direction on who to call to ask questions? I will be living near Covington, Louisiana.
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    Southeastern in Hammond has a bridge program.

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    I am in the accelerated program right now but I have two LPN's in one of my classes. From what I have been able to understand, it's a short program that works around your schedule but the classes you take depend on what transfers. They are having to take pharmacology because they didn't have an actual pharmacology class, they had a little bit with each body system. I would check out the website and call the School of Nursing and talk to Denise ( she runs the front office and she is awesome)
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    Thank you for the info. I am meeting with Jean on July 8th. I am somewhat concerned with working (at least part time) around the school schedule. I will be back in Louisiana June 29th and can hardly wait.
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    where will you move in louisiana? I am an LPN in michigan with family in baton rouge and I would love to move also. KEEP IN TOUCH. I need to find safe family friendly areas to live in that are afordable.

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