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Louisiana College Nursing Program's NCLEX pass rates= 60% - page 2

Whatever you do, don't go to LC. Louisiana College's nursing program is placed on CONDITIONAL approval due to POOR NCLEX PASS SCORES (60%) and lack of qualified teachers. THE LOWEST SCORES in ... Read More

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    Sorry, missed out on this site for a while being busy at work and at home. First semester you get into a heap of nursing courses. At first you are in with the Trad BSN students then the ABSN group stay around in the summer to get into their accelerated track. The nursing stuff is pretty hard to get into but if you keep working away at it and keep practicing the skills whenever you can then you get through it OK. The nursing text books are HUGE but the profs tell you what to zero in on. It is hard work getting through a nursing course - but the good news is that it is over in 2 years!
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    Hi - I have been asked by some people about the current ABSN pass rate at LC. I looked up the web site for the Division of Nursing and they have posted that the first 3 cohorts have a 100% pass rate. Three years in a row with all the students who graduated passing NCLEX first time - we started a great trend

    Here is the link

    Division of Nursing | Louisiana College

    Here is the quote:

    "100% first time pass rate for first three ABSN cohorts"

    Hope this helps those were asking me.
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    In response to LCGraduateRN: It sucks that the school had such poor performance rates while you were there; however they have made huge improvements. The BSN program had a pass rate of 96.42 % for 2012 and the ABSN had a pass rate of 100%.
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    @medinao and @canursehopeful, I'm going to submit my application for the accelerated program this Friday! (so nervous ). I was wondering if either of you would mine telling me your stats for when you applied? GPA, etc.? Also, how are y'all liking it so far? I came to an information session for the program last month and instantly fell in love with both the campus and how welcoming the instructors were. Lastly, do either of you have any info. about LC's current accreditation standing? I know that the council had an on campus meeting the week that I had my informational session but I was just curious to know if LC was in the clear or not as far as accreditation goes yet!

    Any feedback is appreciated!
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    Hi Bott or anyone else ,i got accepted in the ABSN program and was told in the summer i have to take religion and concept of nursing how are the courses like .another question is can you give me and idea of the program cost ,tuition,books,uniform and cost of living .i intend to live off campose .i will be glad to read from you
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    Hi Uriel,
    I read your response and I am wondering if you got accepted into the Fall 2014 cohort for LC?
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    I got accepted to the accelerated program for LC fall 2014. i was wondering if anybody have an idea about the religion class and nursing concept class for summer.
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    Are u also going for Fall 2014 cohort.
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    Yes I am in the Fal 2014 cohort. Are you preciouslola? Where are you from are you from LA?
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    Does any one know what the acceptance rate is overall? I originally graduated with a 2.9 in business from LSU, then went on to LSU law (which im about to graduate from), but i've realized that law isn't for me, so i'm taking pre-reqs and want to apply to the accelerated bSN program. So far i'm doing well in prereqs and should finish with a 3.0+. Do you think that previous 2.9 will impair my admittance?
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    Hi everyone! I am planning on starting the LC ABSN Program this Fall 2015 and I'm looking for a roommate that will be in the nursing program. I plan to move to Pineville, LA around mid- August 2015. If you are interested email me at nedaak46@gmail.com. Good luck to you all!
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    I have not posted here for a while but am upset about hearing that the Dean left LC in the summer along with most of the nursing faculty. I hope the excellent NCLEX pass rate does not suffer but with most of the excellent faculty who taught our class now gone i am not sure that things will ever be the same. I will keep praying for LC and the nursing program.