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    I was wondering if anyone is starting or enrolled in one of their nursing programs. If so, do you live on campus and how do you like it?

    I have been accepted into their ABSN program and I'm really excited. The school has great NCLEX pass rates.

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    Hey there! I am an ABSN student. I chose to live off campus. Nursing school is difficult. But I found that having a bachelors degree helped me with my testing skills, professionalism, and overall time management. The first week of school in the fall was completely overwhelming and scary. But over time you learn to adjust and understand what is expected of you. The hospitals in this area are great and have made my clinical experience!

    What was your major? Do you have a ton of other classes to finish this summer?

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks for your response. I finished my BA in psychology. I'm officially done with all of my pre-reqs except the Nursing pre-req. Also, I have been searching around online and I found that the college, itself is at jeopardy at not being re-affirmed for accrediation. And that the school is supposed to receive another visit this year due to it's 2nd year of being on warning for the SACS to make a determination. I'm afraid of entering the college and the school don't get re-affirmed

    Do you have any information on that matter? I will truly appreciate any or all information.

    Thanks again
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    I recommend that you call the Nursing Department and ask them because they have a great understanding of what is going on and they will be able to explain it.
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    I live in FL i got rejected into nursing.I want to go there after i finish my BA in psychology summer 2014.I would like to know if that's a great idea getting into the nursing program.
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    @lolo22 Which nursing program did you get rejected from? And you have plans on going specifically to Louisiana College? If so, I have heard great news about their accelerated nursing program. Great pass rates on the NCLEX, 100% to be exact. I got accepted but I found out the accreditation about the school (not the nursing program) was on the fence. However, their status should get updated by the end of this year. It may be wise to decide on attending based upon the school's accreditation status once updated by the SACS. Good Luck!
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    I'm looking into applying to LC's accelerated program next cycle and was wondering the same about their accreditation and wanted to know if you had found out any information?
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    There has been no update since SACS will not go back out until December. If I was in your shoes, I would still apply. The applications may be due before the SACS updates the school's status.
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    @ canursehopeful

    How is the program coming along?
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    @cadyssa I'm just now seeing your response; I just commented on one of your other posts! I took your advice and did apply...my other post mentions how my application for the priority deadline is due this Friday! Thanks for your help

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