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looking for a job

  1. 0 Hi everybody,
    anybody knows a hospital that accepting volunter nurse.By the way I am here in Alexandria La.
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    Hospitals do not look for "volunteer nurses". They are paid professionals. Have you received a nursing license to practice in the state of Louisiana??
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    well,im waiting for the results of my toefl exam,one of thier requirements to get a Louisiana license,since i am from the phils.I am satying at home and bored,i want to get a job soon.pls advice
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    I see.

    Well, no non-licensed individual can "volunteer" services as a nurse for you must be licensed in the state to do so.

    Until you have a Louisiana license, I do not have any advice for you.

    Good luck with getting your license.
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    As the above poster said, you cannot volunteer as a nurse without a license.

    HOWEVER, at many hospitals you can volunteer in various areas of the hospital; PATIENT CARE areas: visit with patients and assist the nursing staff with non-technical duties, SERVICE areas: assist patients, family members, and visitors with locating their destination, escorting by wheelchair, in-patient meal selection, mail and magazine delivery, etc., or CLERICAL areas assist the staff with basic clerical duties, such as answering phones, greeting guests, data entry, filing, etc.

    While you won't be allowed to perform any nursing duties, you will be able to volunteer within the healthcare setting.

    Call around to hospitals in your area (you might have to expand your search to Baton Rouge) to see if they have volunteer services.