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  1. Hi, I am a critical care RN in a Surgical/Medical ICU at a suburban teaching hospital in the the Philadelphia area. The nurses at my hospital are very respected and looked to for improvement and quality in care. I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life--(24 years). My sister started as a freshman at Tulane this year. We went down with a group to help after Katrina & fell in love with the city. I am wondering how the nursing environment is down there? I know its hard to generalize, but basically are the nurses in the New Orleans area respected and valued? Do the nurses have a say in the plan of care? Thinkin about relocating for a change of pace and weather. Any suggestions!?
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  3. by   ChubbyLove
    Hi, I am an LPN in school for my RN. I just completed a clinical rotation at Ocshner in New Orleans, a Magnum and i was impressed with the amount of respect that the nurse's received and how they encourage growth. I hope this helps

    My suggestion would be to come down for a small amount of time (if possible) and make make pre- arrangements to piggyback/shadow in the department of what ever hospitals that you are interested in. Almost all of them would allow this. You must contact human resources first of course, I have done this at a few places. East Jefferson Hospital is good about shadowing to see if you might be interested. Meet some people and and get some real answers to your questions from the people on the front line so to say..

    good luck..
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    Philly girl---have you ever considered taking a travel assignment to N.O--there are alot of them right now. Some as short as 6 weeks.
    My hubby is from there and my in-laws are still there. I have been debating taking the summer off at my perm job and picking up a travel part time job down there in the summer and bringing my little ones with me for Grandma to play with while mommy is at work...Hubby can fly down a few times.
    Grandma cant wait, it is just a matter of logistics at this point.