I live in CA and have chosen to move to Lake Charles, LA after completing LVN program

  1. 0 I live in Ca. and really deciding to move to Lake Charles La. after I graduate LVN school; will I be able to work with my Ca. license. I would like continue to get my RN in Lake Charles. Would this be a good move. its just getting to hard in Ca. for you to make a living. I do have family in La. and would really like to buy a house in lake charle la. I really need sugestions on this.
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    Oh yeah; I do have 6 years experience as an CNA so when I graduate from LVN school would that help me find a job in Lake Charles LA.
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    You cannot work in Louisiana with your California LVN license. You will need to obtain a Louisiana LPN license by endorsement.

    Visit the Louisiana Board of Nursing's website or call them to find out what you need to do to obtain a Louisiana license by endorsement.

    Or, you do not need to obtain a California license if you never plan to work in CA. You can apply directly to the Louisiana Board of Nursing for an initial LPN license by examination.
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    Knowing the way California is would it be better in La. for me. How much would they pay; I do have 6 years as an CNA. I would want the permanent license: I know for I wont be coming back to Ca. I also would like to do the LPN to RN out there.
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    I live next door to Louisiana, in Texas, so I do not know exactly how much the pay rates are in Lake Charles. It is a low cost-of-living area, so expect the pay rates to be lower.

    I was born and raised in CA and moved away almost 7 years ago after completing an LVN program. The job market is too tight there and the pay rates should be higher than they currently are.
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    Thank You so much, I know I really want to do this. I just have to get use to the weather down there. I was looking at homes and believe me you are not missing anything now; an one bedroom apt.can cost 1200 to 1500 for rent. Anything would be better than this. It jus my self and my van so when I decide to leave for good would it cost alot to transport my belongings and van.
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    OK I have a question- When I graduate from LVN school in California; then sed off resumes for jobs in Lake Charles La. I see alot of openings have "will relocate". Does this refere's to my situation; if I get hired at one of companies; will they help me relocate to their state.

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