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    I am applying to LSU for the Spring 2010 semester. I am taking my last prereq currently, and my HESI is in less than a week! I've been using the evolve study guide (2nd ed.) and most of the stuff is pretty basic, so I'm worried that it's not enough prep me for the test. Also, I haven't touched physics in about 6 years so I'm really rusty and don't think I can master it in the time I have left to study. I've seen posts that don't even mention the pysics section, so if anyone knows if the HESI for LSU does or does not have a physics section let me know! But, assuming there is and I don't do well on that particular section, can that really throw my chances of getting in? My gpa is about a 3.4 not outstanding, but above the requirement. And I'm confident in my goal statement. If for some reason I do not get in because of my HESI scores, when is the next available time to take it?

    Thanks in advance! You all are great

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  3. by   nursestudent1975
    Hi Sam. I'm also applying for the Spring '10 semester . I was just online about to schedule the Hesi and I noticed that it states that results will be made available within 21 business days?? I was hoping to take the exam as close to the application deadine as possible since I am overwhelmed with this summer semester. I was hoping to take it Aug. 5th. Do you know if that's way too late to take the exam?
    Back to your question...I talked to someone in my chem. lab that just took the Hesi and she told me that she spent so much time studying for the physics part and there wasn't even one question on physics. Don't hold me to that (since I have not taken the test), but definitely find out for sure before spending time on that section of the test. My strategy for the exam is using the book for the basics (vocab, math, etc.) and looking elsewhere for chem. and AP. Hope that helps. Best of luck with your exam! Hopefully I'll see you in the Spring!
  4. by   spears5
    What a relief! I was just going to call it quits on the physics because I was stressing so badly about it! Now I'm not as worried since little or none might be on it. I didn't know you were able to take the Hesi past June? If That's so, I'd really like to change by date! When I scheduled mine it only gave me three months to choose from and of course I chose the furthest date possible! (Jun 29) How is it that you've scheduled/plan on scheduling for August? I know the deadline for spring apps is Sept 15. I'd love to put the Hesi off another month if I could!

    Good luck to you as well! Hope to see you at HSC!
  5. by   nursestudent1975
    A while back I went online to schedule it also. It only gave me dates that were within the same month, so I said no way! I had plenty of time so I waited to try to schedule it again. I had called them and they told me to wait until I was actually ready to TAKE the test. Now I'm just wondering how late is too late? I guess I'll try and call someone @ LSU tomorrow just to be certain. The Prometric website shows available dates throughout the months of July and August (deadline for appl. being Aug.15). There's also an admissions assessment/admissions assessment with critical thinking option?? The last thing I want to do is mess this up and not be able to get my application in before the deadline so I'll have to check. I'll keep you posted. :spin:
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    Good luck on the HESI Nursestudent1975!
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    Thanks RN hopeful! I'm going to need it!!
  8. by   kmdg28
    I plan on applying to LSU nursing school for next Spring. I registered to take the Hesi, but I am signed up for the test with the critical thinking section included. Are we supposed to take this section, or did I make a mistake? I'm freaking out about this test, so I don't want to do anything to mess up my application process!