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I was suppose to start school for my 3rd and last time after 3 years. I went to my meeting with the board to try to get in. I was so motivated and knew I had it in the bag. Well apparently I did not.... Read More

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    I agree, the questions were over the line. I have heard the schools around here also try to discourage working while going to school. However, this is the real world and unless you still live at home with your parents, and they are willing to pay your bills, most folks have to work. Also, I would think schools would welcome working/responsible adults and try to accommodate them. I have heard so many stories where young adults enter the program fresh out of HS, complete the program, work a year or two, only to decide they do not want to be Nurses.

    To play Devils Advocate, the school interviews are likely designed to put people in the program who have the highest probability of passing. This makes the school look better when they have a high success rate. This also allows them to demand higher tuition and possibly get more money from the State.
    I defiantly agree but they have no way of knowing how I would have performed! But I guess it was not meant to be and that's fine.