CSN 1 week down !

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    Hi, well have been at CSN an entire week now ! Thought it would never happen and now that it has,,,I have not stopped. I have not stopped studying throughout our long weekend. 1st test next Monday,,,is everyone else sailing through,,or does it seem like a mass quantity of information? I review and then find more to review,,,,

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    I bet its a bitter sweet feeling for you mimimartina. While im sure youre ecstatic you're in Nursing school, the work is making it hard to enjoy!
    What do you focus mostly on your 1st week? Is it way beyond Anatomy and Physio?I would like an idea so I can feel your pain, and also be be better prepared for what to expect when I start in Fall.I have noooo clue what to expect..like how long classes are, how much is discussed..what are you expected to know prior to first day? if you ahve any advice, I would love to hear..if you ahvetime of course..good luck, and im sure you will be just fine. Sounds like youre putting in the time.
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    Well, 1st week,,,orientation to the school, policies, philosophy, instructors, etc. Lectures on Communication, Illness-Wellness, Nursing Process, Culture, History of Nursing,,and more,,starting tomorrow, 1st clinical skills lecture/skills lab time. Went every day last week, but had Monday off - MLK Day,,nothing so far on Thursday,,but you never know when they will say, "we need you to get this done by this day",,so I go prepared to stay, and to come back again the next day even if not on my schedule..
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    I'm sure it all seems overwhelming. I'm so excited to know everything I can, however, Im scared to death!! Are you using a certain book a lot or mostly notes from instructors? I feel I need to read and prepare as much as possible. I'm the kind of person that has to study almost all day everyday. It really stinks, so I need some kind f head start on what I should know! Thanks for your input by the way.I APPRECIATE ANY and all advice, etc.. I wish you the best.
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    Kozier & Erb's Fundamental's of Nursing is the main book we have been using so far. just started pharmacology and the teacher had notes posted online for us so i haven't even looked at the book yet actually. They give pretty thorough notes for the other classes too. They give you a schedule for the whole semester that shows what they will be lecturing each day. (they've stuck to schedule so far) so you can print out notes way ahead of time and read those and textbook before class. there are textbook reading assignments in the notes that they give you. Fundamentals Success by Nugent & Vitale is a book you should probably get and start reading before semester. i don't feel too overwhelmed at this point. but ask me after test on monday and i may have a different opinion.

    i know how it is for you though. once i found out i was accepted to charity i immediately started wondering what it would be like and what to expect. congrats.
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    thanks soooo much jtoddj28!!! I am a nervous nelly I tell ya. I haven't had a restful night of sleep just wandering and being anxious!I was a stay at home mom all my life and ran a daycare in my home. Now that im going through a divorce, Im starting all over!! It's a big step for me, but I love helping people and taking care of people. I love to learn about stuff in the medical field but I often(lately) question myself.what am i doing??im sure most people go through that, but I think Im more nervous than average! haha well I appreciate your input very much. Do you start wearing uniforms to class or just in clinicals? I have no clue about any of this!
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    Regular street clothes for now,,,uniforms start in March when we start at the various hospitals. My clinical group will be going to a senior center for our "community day", and we were told to wear scrubs of any color but white. You can go to the charity website, and click on current students, then go to basics, and there is a book list,,,I agree that Fundamentals Success is a good place to start. I like the medical dictionary, but I have always been one to look up any word I don't know, it's just very helpful to me to be able to grab it and double check what a word is.
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    Thanks, I am the same way. i look up stuff a lot! when is your community day?i hope everything going well for you so far. Keep me informed on whatever you want to talk about. The more I know the better..haha..by the way, thanks for sharing. I love to hear it all.
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    I don't know how I feel yet either. It really hasn't been OVERwhelming. Just like going to regular classes, but for just a little longer. The information really isn't anything terribly new, or hard for that matter, just your basic intro level stuff (I wouldn't even call Basics a Master's level course). The clinical day is the best part. I like the hands-on aspect of it all. The good thing is that I'm used to all the check-off's, that's basically what my EMT-Basic licensing test was (different skills stations). I also noticed we only have to do 8 days in the hospital itself, with one day being orientation. That's a whole 48 hours at the hospital. It's going to be a quick 16 weeks, that's for sure! Just sit back and enjoy the ride, we'll ALL get through this semester.
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    This is my last semester and all I can say is that we have 41 actual class days left until graduation. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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