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  1. Just curious as to what the average profile score of accepted students is. I calculated mine and depending on how they look at it, my score could be as low as 55 or as high as 85. I have withdrawals in 4 classes (at the time I was classified as a non-degree seeking student), but 3 were re-takes to get a better grade (I was trying to turn 2 C's and 1 B into A's). Also, my A&P 2 is from 2004 and I do not have the lab with it. So if they go strictly by what they see, my score will be pretty low, but if they consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis I have a better chance at a high score. I am also applying to LSU. I really want a BSN, but CSN's clinical site options would be really helpful for my situation. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   oldsouth
    The cut off score for the January 2010 class was 55. AP1 and AP2 can not be older than five years, if so, you must retake them. The labs are required. Points are deducted for withdrawals. Retakes are OK, but they prefer a B for a first try over an A on a retake. You don't mention the TEAS, but a 70 is the lowest acceptable score. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. by   RN2B12
    Thanks for the reply. I got a 94 on the TEAS, and I have a 3.51 overall GPA. I got a C in Math 130 and Micro. I was hoping that if I register for Math 120 that they would not count the C that I got in 130 (since I don't need 130 specifically, but it does fulfill the math requirement). Depending on what they count, my CSN GPA could be 3.21 (if they count all classes-math and a/p's), 3.36 (if the math is not counted), or 3.5 (if neither the math, nor the a/p's are counted). I know it's confusing, but I figure it doesn't hurt to apply and see what happens; I just don't want to get my hopes up if it's a long shot.
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    I just noticed that the information bulletin has a different points scale than the sample assessment form that is listed under admissions requirements. According to the bulletin (which seems to be the most up to date-Spring 2010) the lowest score I would have is a 65 (70 if they don't count the math). Also, in the bulletin it only says A&P 2 needs to be w/in five years; it doesn't have anything regarding a time limit on A&P 1. Thanks again for the reply; I feel a little more confident now. Do you think I have a chance of getting accepted with a 65/70; is it competitive enough?
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    I think you will get in with a composite score of 65/70. I went to Charity yesterday to be sure all was in order for me to begin in January. I spoke to admissions and she indicated that b/c of budget cuts, they are no longer offering evening classes. They were only able to accept 120 students and they had 425 applications. She had they had many good students that did not get in and are on a wait list. I feel very lucky to have gotten in. It is all very nerve racking. Good luck!