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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    I will be attending Charity this fall.

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    I will be attending fall 2012. We were told they only took 130 because of the curriculm change and a lot of students withdrew last semister so there were 25 spots for those students. If the transition goes well I think they will be accepting 300 again.
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    KristenNola what is CARE? I also live on the westbank and would love to have friend on this journey. I will be attending Charity this fall.
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    What changes are they making to the curriculum?
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    @Shawn39, CARE is a program at LSU. It's an accelerated BSN program for people that already have a Bachelor's degree. It's really fast paced and rigorous though because classes are shorter time periods but you may be in classes for like 12 hours a day and there's not much of vacation breaks at all. I was interested in it but being a single mother I'm not sure if I can commit to so much time plus I don't my GPA to suffer. But I think it's a great idea, if I were younger with no children I think I would probably apply to the program.

    So you live on the Westbank too? Where on the Westbank? I live in Algiers. If I get in to Charity in the spring I would LOVE to know someone that is a little further along in the program to recommend teachers and clinical locations and whatnot. Right now I don't know anyone that is in nursing except the communication that I have on this forum! Where are you taking your clinicals at?
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    I have also applied to Charity for the spring semester. I don't know anyone else applying. I live on the westbank too =)
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    Hi, I applied for Spring 2013 also. I have been anxiously waiting for a letter because online it said they would be mailed mid July. I just got off the phone with Charity. The lady that answered the phone said that the letters wouldn't be mailed out until SEPTEMBER ! !! ! ughhh....really? I asked her why it said mid July online. She said she was aware of what it said online but they wouldn't be coming out until September ..:uhoh21: BUMMED out now !
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    Why wouldn't the committee meet during the summer for this. I think this is pretty important. Don't they know how anxiously waiting all of us are. Now we have to wait till September. This is ridiculous
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    I'm not sure why they wouldnt meet During the summer. They need to correct the website saying that the letters would be sent by mid July. Def got my hopes up
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    I applied to Charity for Spring 2013. My roommate is currently a Charity student and thinks it's ridiculous that they're waiting till the fall to send out acceptance letters. Apparently the background checks for the Louisiana Nursing Board is a lengthy process. Since we're potentially starting clinicals immediately in the Spring too, it seems like a short amount of time to make sure we're qualified and board approved....

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