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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    The people I'm doing the CPR class with deal with Charity students and said my certification would be good for two years!
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    Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone's status has been updated for the immunitrax website because mines still states non complaint
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    My status is records matched. That means awaiting approval from school, but everything is done and turned in!!
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    I faxed mine but My status hasn't been updated, I guess I'll fax it again.
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    I scanned mine. I'm not sure if that makes a difference in their receiving time! Probably not!!! Lol!! What reason is it giving you for "not compliant?" The reason is stated on the status page towards the bottom.
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    No Data or Not Compliant: The Health Requirements for entry into your program have not been met. Please check your Immunization Status and History for missing requirements.
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    Have u gotten your insurance yet?
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    Because my status showed not compliant until I turned proof of insurance in.
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    No I haven't I wasn't sure which insurance to go with ...I'm on it now !! Thanks a lot
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    Just make sure u select your insurance to start like mid Dec so that it lasts through the Fall semester.

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